Tips to consider when preparing a football bet slip

A football bet slip refers to the number of teams you select from a game day, predict their scores and place your stake on the total odds to improve chances of winning. Preparing a football slip remains one of the hardest things to do considering the great uncertainty that comes with the games. Establishing a successful gambling career is never as easy as most people think. You can have the best bet slip but fail to win major because of gambling at the wrong site. For the best outcome, here are some tips you should be looking at when preparing your ideal GAMBLING SITES (เว็บพนัน) slip today.

Their existing form 

How a team has been performing in its last few games should matter in influencing your choice before placing a bet slip. A team on good form has more wins and draws than losses. They are mostly on the top of the domestic cup table and also fair on well in international tournaments like champions league. How many games have they won this season out of the total games played? A good team is one with an impressive winning streak which only makes it the strongest favorites in most games that they play.

Head to head comparison 

Head to head comparisons refers to the individual performance comparison. Your bet skip is not perfect without having checked the head to head statistics despite most punters advising against it. Check for instance the last few games the teams have played in their competitions, how many of them are wins, losses or draws? A team that has won four out of its five matches is definitely better inclined to beat a team with four losses and one win should they play against each other.

Home and away performance 

Football has certain traditions that may be very hard to break. There has to be history that has to be upheld in certain match competitions for instance the derbies. Two teams that have played for years against each other are most likely to develop some rivalry during the game. The team with the most wins between the two will always go out of its way to shine in the match when playing against their inferiors. You should be aware of these football rivalries by doing research and understanding how football has evolved through the years.


Just like in any other outdoor sport, football can be very affected by adverse weather conditions. You should check the forecasts for the various countries with games you intend to bet on before betting. Too much rain can not only make the grounds slippery but can also inhibit proper ball movement. Too much wind can also lead to stupid deflections that may affect a team’s performance especially one that relies on air balls for its gameplay.

Team schedule 

How many games does the team you intend to bet on have at hand? How many games have they played building up to the upcoming game? It is easy to find that a team is fatigued and its performance greatly reduced after playing many games without sufficient rest in between. Knowing such details and the teams’ squad depths can help you avoid losing your bets every now and then.