Online Slot Game Features

Slot machines were introduced in the casino world in the late 1800s. These machines were originated in the United States of America. However, the slot machines were not like the kinds we have nowadays.

It took around sixty years to construct today's slot machines. Today's modern slot machines, though identical to their forebears, feature a lever, multiple rows, the chances for big payouts, and a variety of icons.

As the internet became more and more of a part of our everyday lives, online slot machines came into existence.

Casinos would see it as an avenue to promote their in-house games all over the world, without the problem of travelling to the casino and it was an added advantage for all the gamblers.


We currently cover a plethora of apps for such slot machines. It is widely available via any device.


More than traditional casino games, online slot machines became popular as it does not require any AI formula or particular rules to understand. All you need to know is the name of the game, the icon and images involved and the icon that denotes jackpot. 

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What are online slot features?


The features in an online slot game make it more fun and interesting. All of the major components that comprise a slot game are referred to as slot features. Features are created to make games more enjoyable and it boosts your chances of winning. Take this into consideration: wilds, scatters, jackpot symbols, avalanche reels, free spins rounds, and random triggers are some of the widely known features of online slots machines. These are just a handful of good conventional features found in most slot machines.


To know the features available in a particular game, search for a paytable that illustrates the principal symbols and additional elements featured in gaming. Then you will know exactly how much money the symbol rewards, what else it offers, and how to win and play the bonus round.

Types of Online Slot Features:


Two of the most popular and known features available are Wilds and Scatters.

  1. Wilds are among the most frequent video slot symbol features. Depending on the problem and the creator's vision, icons might be basic trademarks or present as slot warriors. Apart from scatters and other slightly different symbols such as bonus symbols, wilds ordinarily substitute for all payout symbols. Wilds are frequently applied as symbol alternatives to enable you to construct a great combination that would otherwise have been insufficient.
  2. It is indeed uncommon for a slot machine to be devoid of a scatter symbol. Even if they want to omit the symbol, symbols can potentially be swapped with another different symbol, such as bonus symbols. This symbol can launch bonus games, such as free spins, mini-games, or other bonus rounds. The frequency of scatter symbols necessary to trigger the additional advantage will also be specified in the rules of the game.

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