Chocolate Themed Party Ideas

So you are planning to have a party where chocolate is the theme but you don’t have any ideas to go on? Don’t worry because this happens a lot and you just need a little help. Chocolate is a delicious products and making it part of your party or any event for that matter makes perfect sense. You could be having a birthday coming up soon and you need those in attendance to have a great time. Including chocolate as part of the snacks your guests will eat does not only make them happy, but also tells them that you actually love and care about them. Check out mymallgift for great offers.

Below are some ideas that you can use to make your chocolate-themed party a great success that people will keep talking about for several months to come.

Chocolate bar invitations

The traditional way of inviting people to an event such as a party is by sending them invitation cards. Since chocolate is the theme, you could decide to place designs of chocolate on the invitation cards so that people understand what they will expect at the party. Alternatively, you could go a notch higher and give your expected guests a taste of the party in advance. You should wrap a small chocolate bar nicely and write invitation information on the wrap and send it to individuals you want at you party. Make the wrapping well and use nice fonts to write the name of the person you are inviting together with the date and time of the party.

This way, when the person opens your gift, they are met with a nicely wrapped chocolate bar to give them a taste of the event. With such an invitation, you can expect a great turn up.


If you choose not to invite your guests using chocolate bars, you can base your decorations on chocolate-related elements such as color and aroma among others. What this means is that you should pick a color scheme that resembles the color of chocolate. In this case, brown is a great color to go with. You could also include other additional colors such as pick or red depending on the event you are celebrating. Pink and red do well for Valentine’s Day. The chocolate color theme should be used on items such as tableware, party streamers, balloons, and paper goods.

When your guests arrive at the party, they will be wowed by the sight of what they see.


Part of having a chocoloate-themed party is having activities that include chocolate. For instance, you could gather kids together in a kitchen and make chocolate. Alternatively, you could create a recipe that is chocolate-inspired. Design chocolate hearts to be part of your party as part of the activities.

Additional activities that you could engage in are baking and decorating chocolate cupcakes, cookies, and/or cake pops and making lollipop from chocolate molds and melts. The molds and melts can be acquired from a craft store. Check out mygift for more ideas and supplies.