The importance of swimming pool safety

Just type “deaths at a swimming pool” in Google or any other search engine right now and see how many webpages will return results with relevant information. You will be surprised by how many people have lost their lives in swimming pools or spas. The annual global statistics is staggering, but there is no reason such statistics should continue causing so much pain and suffering. Everybody who steps in a swimming pool should learn of ways to stay safe when they go swimming and in this article, I will be talking about some safety tips for swimming pools.

The various precautions I am going to discuss below should help you keep yourself, your loved ones and other people in general safe from the dangers that swimming pools pose.

Pay attention and educate your children
If you happen to have a swimming pool in your home, you need to always pay attention to your children at all times when they are swimming or anywhere near the pool. You should never leave the children unattended. Children that are under the age of five years should always be within arm’s length at all times. When you are not around, you should always keep the door to the pool’s fence locked to keep pets and children out.

Watching your kids and keeping them out of the water is not always enough. You need to teach them proper water safety as well. You should have them enrolled in swimming lessons so that they know how to swim and stay safe around water.

Establish communication and obtain proper certifications
Whenever you step into a swimming pool to swim with your family or other people, you need to ensure that a phone is close by so that you can call the emergency unit whenever need arises. You should install a phone close to the swimming pool if necessary.

Besides that, you should obtain proper certifications such as CPR so that you can perform it when need arises. You should know how to perform CPR on both children and adults because you never know when it will become useful. There are several organizations that offer CPR certification through which you can become certified.

Provide rules and ensure security
The best ways to keep your loved one from the horrors of swimming pool accidents is to establish rules that everyone should follow when they are using the facility. Some of the rules you need to ensure include no running near the pool, no diving into the water, and no staying close to the drain covers.

You should also ensure that the fence is surrounding with a security fence to keep children and pets out. You should also install pool alarm so that you are alerted whenever someone is near the water. You can incorporate surveillance cameras as well so that you get to see what is going on at the pool when you are alerted of someone’s presence at the pool. This way, you know exactly what is happening in the water at all times.

Installing a cover is also important because it can provide an extra layer of safety. Consider pooltak for pool covers.