ADU Palo Alto

Types of ADU you can add to your property

Property owners attempting to add an accessory dwelling unit to their property have many options to choose from. The type of ADU you can build will be determined by the size and location of the site set aside for the purpose. Coupled with this, different ADUs have varying cost implications.  You can follow through on this write-up to grasp the different types of ADU that you can have on your property.

Attached ADU:

An attached ADU is so-called because it shares one or more wall(s) with the main building, although the entrance and exit points vary. Both buildings also share certain utility connections. The attached ADU is, however, expected to have its fire system. On average, it will cost around US$200,000 to construct an attached ADU.

Detached ADU:

A detached ADU is entirely separated from the main building, although it shares the same plot of land with the former. This type of ADU has to be equipped with its electrical, sewage, fire, and water systems. A detached ADU will offer you a reasonable degree of privacy if you intend to rent out the unit. The construction cost of a detached ADU is usually around US$250 - US$400,000. The backyard ADU is a good example of a detached sort.

Junior ADU:

Junior ADU, or JADU, is usually smaller than the regular ADU - the maximum floor area or land space it can occupy is 500 square feet. ADU Palo Alto residents and those of other municipalities have found it highly valuable in the face of increasing housing challenges. The significant features that should not be excluded from a JADU are a separate kitchen and an exterior entrance. The JADU can, however, share a bathroom with the main building.

Garage ADU:

Garage ADUs describe additional dwelling units featuring a garage, and they are mostly detached from the main building. This does not make an ordinary granny house as whoever will be using it as the luxury of a parking space. The garage ADU generally costs more to construct - you may spend as much as US$500,000 to have one built. But the catch is that it will undoubtedly bring in good returns if you get to rent it out. Lest I forget, a garage ADU may also refer to an ADU created through the conversion of an existing garage - into a living space - and this costs less than having one constructed from scratch.

Basement ADU:

The basement can also be converted to an ADU, but this must be in accordance with the existing standard set by the regulatory body. This type of ADU is expected to have a considerable high head height and be equipped with some basic amenities. A basement ADU should also have an exterior entrance. Expectedly, the basement is among the cheapest types of ADU to create.