1911 holster

The Popularity and Versatility of a 1911 Holster


The 1911 holster is made of premium leather and has a snap closure. The leather strap can be adjusted for right-handed or left-handed carry, making it perfect for personal protection, as well as a great addition to your collection. Made from military grade kydex and moulded to fit the 1911 perfectly, this holster is innovative and practical.


This holster is designed to be worn outside the waistband. The two-way paddle system provides more stability and flexibility. Made of premium quality leather, it is built to last.


Maintaining the Pistol’s Condition


This holster is carefully handcrafted from quality leather and expertly stitched for a custom fit. Its stone-washed finish adds a little bit of extra shine, while the smooth lining prevents your pistol from damaging its finish or getting scratched.


The Holster is made of the same comfortable Kydex material used in the Gen 3 and Gen 4 holsters, with the added benefit of an adjustable IWB belt clip. The slim profile fits comfortably inside the waistline, while the sturdy belt clip is removable, allowing you to carry in either manner.


Tired of looking for a holster? The most comfortable and discreet holster on the market. A holster from them makes concealment simple, reliable, and effective. Their holsters are designed to be worn undercover while providing the best fit possible.


Its Design and Materials Used Makes it a Popular Choice


This holster is designed with you in mind. It has been made to withstand wear and tear, ensuring the quality and durability of this product. Its minimalist design makes it easy to use and comfortable, no matter what you decide to wear.


The holster has been crafted with superior quality, which guarantees its durability and longevity. Its functional design provides instant access to your gun when you need it the most.


The 1911 is the best fit for carrying your weapon in any situation. The holster is rigorously tested, hand selected and individually given precision cut slots to accommodate any Picatinny or Weaver rail-style sights. The standard belt clip (1.5") fits most gun belts from 1.25" up to 1.75".


This high-strength, lightweight holster is ideal for concealed carry and every day use. Made from Aerospace Grade Billet Aluminum, its strong and easy to conceal.


Designed to Fit 1911s


This holster is designed to fit most compact and full-size 1911 pistols. It features an open muzzle design, quick draw, adjustable retention and rides high on the waist for comfort and concealment.


Made from a high-quality leather, this holster offers a great fit and is extremely comfortable. Pick up this handgun holster for you or as a gift!


The holster is the perfect companion for carrying your handgun. The 1911 is a popular semi-automatic pistol, and a great choice for concealed carry. This holster is designed with a belt loop on the back for sturdy placement on the belt. They make it easy to draw your weapon quickly and securely, while keeping it hidden from view.


Itis designed specifically for you and your carry needs. If you are looking for a holster that allows you to easily draw your weapon, this design will do it. Made from superior quality leather, our 1911 is designed to last a long time and fit comfortably when you carry.