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How to get instagram followers without spamming hashtags?

Hashtags can be a great way to get instagram followers and increase the. But not all the posts and accounts can add hashtags due to their niche being rigid.

Besides, too many hashtags can look unprofessional and spammy. They also look desperate and, it might drive potential followers away.

There are ways to get instagram followers without the need for hashtags. Below discussed are a few of those ways to get instagram followers without looking spammy and ruining the user experience:

• Add location:
Adding a location to the post is a great way to get instagram followers. If one has an Instagram account with the niche of traveling or dining and trying different food places, this feature will work wonders.
Just like hashtags, people look for the location or the "Geotags” if they want to go somewhere to eat or visit. People check the profile of the one who has visited the place they want to go to through the location feature.
And if they like the content, they might follow the account!

• The explore tab is a friend:
One of the overlooked ways to get instagram followers is to check out the explore tab. Since the explore tab is not specific to Instagram, every person sees different posts on the explore tab.
One should try to get their posts on the explore tab since it is the section where the content is shown according to one's interest.
This way, it will help one get the instagram followers who have similar interests in the content that one posts and increase the followers.

• Post frequently:
The analytics showed the accounts that post around six times a week had a stable increase in followers compared to, the accounts that don't post frequently.
To get instagram followers through posting frequently, one should know the one between posting often and posting to make one seem desperate.
Building Instagram following is a balancing act, not an act of aggression. Therefore, limit to posting seven posts per week.
To get instagram followers to ensure that the current followers don't feel uncomfortable and decide to unfollow.

• Engage in other posts:
It won't hurt anyone if one comments or likes the competitor accounts or the posts in the explore tab. Doing this act creates a positive image of the potential followers as being appreciative is a great thing.
Make the people feel that the owner of this account is friendly and welcoming. It will help to get instagram followers and positively affect one's profile.

• Host contests:
Hosting a contest is one of the underrated ideas to get instagram followers. Find out the products that are useful for the niche that the one’s account is in, and try to host a contest and giveaway that product to the winner or top 3 winners.
It not only helps to get instagram followers but also increases the followers' engagement.

Final thoughts
These all are great ways to get instagram followers without using hashtags. If still, one is a fan of using hashtags, go ahead! In fact, if done correctly, these techniques can be mixed with hashtagging and create a positive result. Good luck!