Baccarat online 168

Baccarat online 168 Terminology 


Before you decide to play  Baccarat online 168 or any other game, you must be aware of its terminology for a better and deep understanding of the game. We bring to you some of the common terminologies of Baccarat online 168


1) Baccarat- It signifies the value zero and is the worst hand in the Baccarat online 168 (บาคาร่าออนไลน์168).


2) Banco- It is the Spanish term for banker or dealer.


3) Banker bet- It is one of the three waggers you can make in Baccarat online 168If you win the banker bet, you can receive the winning amount in the ratio of 1:1. It is suggested that the banker bet has the most chances of winning; however, you have to remember that a commission of 5% will be deducted from your winning amount.


4) Banque- It is a European version of Baccarat online 168It accommodates three hands that include a single banker's hand and two player's hands. 


5) Bankroll- It is the fund that the player would spend on the game of Baccarat online 168.


6) Burning- Before the beginning of the game and after the shuffling, the top 3 to 6 cards are removed. 


7) Caller- He/ She is the casino member who is accountable for the Baccarat online 168 cards. 


8) Carte- It is a French term used for requesting another Baccarat online 168 card from the dealer. 


9) Chemin De Fer- It is also known as Railroad which is the European version of Baccarat. It is very popular which is used for high betters. In Chemin De Fer, one of the players acts as a banker and dealer with all the bets and cards.


10) Commission- If a player wins the banker bet, he is subjected to pay a 5% commission of his winning amount to the house. 


11) Coup- It is a french term used for the session of Baccarat online 168 of player's hand and banker's hand. 


12) Cut- Once the cards are dealt, they are divided in half.


13) Cut Card- It is a plastic card that is used to divide or cut the Baccarat card deck. 


14) Dealer- He/She is the casino member who is responsible for withdrawing the cards. In some versions of Baccarat online 168one of the players can also act as a dealer.


15) Discard Tray- It is used to place the discarded or played Bacarrat cards.


16) Down Card- It is also known as hole card and is the Bacarrat cards, placed with their face down.


17) Dragon Bonus- Few casinos allow gamblers to make side wagers. It is the winning bonus if the selected hands win at least 4 points. 


18) Face card- The cards that have portraits drawn on them such as King, Queen, and Jacks.


19) Flat bet- In this, irrespective of the lossing or winning bet, the punter puts the equivalent amount. 


These are some of the terms associated with Baccarat online 168. Now, as you are clear about the basic terms, the next step you should take is to create your account on Lucas Casino888 and log in to select your table of Baccarat online 168