print roll labels


Cut sheet labels are provided to the business owners as demanded. When a four by six sheet is demanded by a business owner, the printing service cuts down the labels into four by six. The cut sheet as the name implies is usually given as individual labels. The liner of the cut sheet labels is thicker than the outer and sometimes has little cracks.

That is why a small portion is removed and the remaining part of the liner is left. It is applied manually. Unlike the cut sheet labels, roll labels printing is supplied in rolls. The liner is usually thinner and not as rigid as the cut sheet labels as it is used in wrapping the core. It does not have small cracks like the cut sheet labels. It can be applied manually and mechanically. Although it is mostly applied with a machine.

The basic idea behind this is to ensure that the labels having a rectangular and circular corner are made round. This would avoid it from getting peeled off or cracked in the process of applying or when it is kept in the box or possibly when the customer handles it.


The standard and universal core for roll label is three inches. However, other sizes are commonly used. Some printing services print roll labels based on the standard core size except the customer adjusts that line.

Before they agree to use that size, they also confirm that it is on the ground and can be used with their machines in producing the labels.


For oil-based products like soaps, cosmetics, hair and others, they tend to affect the labels. Even when they are placed outside the container. It may be as a result of splashing or spilling, That is why the ply label stock and vinyl are used.

They are oil resistant and are plastic-based that cannot be affected by oil. They are sometimes laminated as an extra lamination so that it can be easily cleaned off. The printing is best done with really dark colours. The light colours are used perfectly when the printing is done on a white paper and you just want light coverage.

This is not possible when the material you are using is clear. The same goes for the pictures and gradients. They do not have the effects they give on opaque stocks. Hence, the reason for using dark ck colours.


Wind direction is how the labels are placed and organized on the liner. it also has to do with the edge of the label that comes first. This is usually considered to earn the labels applied using the machine endure depending on the model, style and make of the machine you use in applying.

There are instructions provided for the user and his wind direction is clearly stated so that the person applying does not apply it wrongly. There are different options of the wind direction provided for the user. They are, top first, right first, left and bottom first.