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Mmr boost- be the pro


Most games if not all, are about winning. When it comes to competitive gaming, players want to maximize the damage on someone else rather than face losses themselves. The only goal is to win, to do more, and to achieve more. This simply underlines our basic instinct as humans. We generally want to be better than everyone else.


Like all other competitions, people are usually willing to cross the limits and do better just to achieve a competitive advantage. Having said that, it doesn’t mean a person always needs to cheat to get better than the others, there are other easier and safer ways to get there too. When the advantage is positioned in front of you, it is always wise to grab it. At least what’s the loss in trying.


Some may consider boosting and getting an mmr boost as cheating, but otherwise, it is increasingly and more often widely ignored and also sometimes supported by various game companies. Not many see it as an unjust treat. Boosting is just a way to set yourself in an advantageous position in comparison to the other participants. 


To understand boosting and to get a light on how it affects the gaming world, we first need to know what is mmr boost and what it stands for. Mmr boosting stands for Match making rating-boosting. 


What is mmr boosting?


Mmr boosting also known as Elo boosting is a practice in which a player uses another player’s account by logging into it for the sole purpose of playing a ranked game. Now that’s the definition but it can be interpreted in various ways.


In multiple online video games, both solo player and multiplayer, boosting is the practice by which someone increases their leader board, winning position, or rank by a faked means. Or intentional means depends on how it's seen. Outside of the video game world, it is equivalent to rigging the game or throwing the game. 


But when it comes to online video games it’s a fairly common practice exercised to increase one’s chances at winning. It is widely practiced by many of the leading online game players as well.


Power levelling:


Boosting is more often than otherwise confused with a similar term that is power levelling. Power levelling refers to the specific act of when a higher-level character poses to be a lower-level character, just to gain reputation, experience, resources, or to just gets a heads up with a faster level up than the others playing along. 


It does lead to a power imbalance in the game. But proves to be of great advantage to the player doing it. It makes it easier for the player instead of having to play in an otherwise properly levelled group or party of a certain team of players.

Both the terms, boosting and power-levelling are gaming slangs that often tend to cross over. 


How does boosting work?


There are multiple ways in which game boosting can be achieved. The most standard, widely practiced, and hard to detect way of doing it involves working with other players who have a proven better performance.