Flexform sofa

Flexform Sofa - Comfort in Comfort

Flexform sofa bed originated from Italy and is currently enjoying high popularity. Flexform is known for its unique style and flexibility it offers to the customers. Flexform sofa bed is made of special foam called "Talalay" which is fabric-based and gives the sofa a soft, velvety feel. Talalay is made of high density polyethylene and is commonly used in manufacturing of childrens, athletic and travel gear, mattress pad, sports equipment, and industrial products. Flexform Sectional Sofas are also available with built-in footrests that can be adjusted easily according to individual's preferences.


Flexform sofa bed gives the customers high quality, luxury and comfort. It consists of a beautiful traditional design that will complement your home decor perfectly. The unique comfort ability of Flexform sofa bed can be attributed to the unique foam used for the base of the sofas. Flexform price is slightly higher than other traditional sofas but it offers incomparable comfort and elegant look.


The base of Flexform sofa bed is made of high density polyethylene foam and is cushioned by high quality soft leather. The original soft leather used for Flexform sofa bed comes from India. Flexform sofa bed uses natural cowhide leather with "Talalay" fabric on the inside to offer high comfort and durability. Flexform price is slightly higher than other traditional sofas but it offers incomparable comfort and elegance. Flexform sofa bed is the best buy because you get all the benefits of a Flexform sofa set but at a much lower price. Flexform sofa bed can easily convert into a chair and love seat combination.


Flexform made in Italy is known for its exquisite designs, style, and quality. Flexform sofas are available in variety of colors including grey, black, cream, brown, beige, navy blue, green, pink, yellow, and nude. Flexform cushions are made using quality materials which ensure long life and durability.


Flexform armrests are made using the same Flexform foam as used in cushions for Flexform sofa sets. Flexform armrests come in two pieces with attached button back. The armrest is comfortably padded and the attached button makes it possible to open or close the armrest completely. Armrest is covered with Flexform soft dream sofa cushion to provide you maximum comfort.


Flexform is an Italian company that has been manufacturing furniture since 1982. Flexform sofas are luxurious sofas with unmatched comfort and elegance. Flexform also offers sectional sofa sets that come in various styles and sizes. Flexform is one of the best Italian manufacturers of sofas.