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Warning signs to look out for when choosing a pool builder

If you are concerned about having to pick the right contractor for your swimming pool, the following are some of the warning signs that you have to look out for as advised by Austin pool builder, to know if you are dealing with an insolvent or unskilled pool builder:

Huge down payment
For majority of the projects, the builders need not to ask for a down payment of more than 10% before starting the work. There are certain reputable companies which might require that you pay 20% but the 10% is the standard. If they start asking for a higher payment up front, it could be a sign that they are having poor cash flow and are struggling with the business. With high down payment, it is indicative that the contractor doesn’t have enough cash yet to pay subcontractors and employees.

Big draws up front
The amount of money that you pay for the pool builders when the construction is ongoing needs to be appropriate to the timelines of the project. If you have paid half the cost for the pool, you need to expect the pool to be done halfway. A pool builder that ask for about 40% payment for example, when digging and another one will asking 40% when laying concrete. It will mean that you pay 80% of the cost when the work done is less than 80%. In case the business ends up folding before completion, you will end up losing a large amount of money.

Tiny final draws
When the project is finishing and there is too little payment is a bad sign. A pool contractor needs to have financial incentives to be able to complete your project. A final payment of about 5% denotes that, in case you happen to have disagreement with them or there is a certain setback, they will not lose out much if they get not to finish the job. Get builder who accent a final draw of at least 10% .

Quick contract signing
There is a need to be cautions in case the pool builder wants you to sign a contract in your first meeting. It doesn’t always indicate that they are a risky choice, but you don’t want to commit yourself to a deal. But it is something that you have to look out for as you don’t what to end up working with a builder that makes you to feel pressured.

Discourteous and unreliable behavior
Everyone tends to run late or might be having emergencies of sorts at times. But, it is bad business in case the contractor doesn’t seem to be on time when it comes to appointments or missing constantly on the sales calls without any courtesy heads-up. To build a pool takes weeks or even several months, thus, choose a company that is reliable that you will be able to work well with

New on the scene
Every company has to begin from somewhere and thus being a new pool builder doesn’t not have to be viewed as a bad sign but most pool companies tend to fail within the first few years when they embark in business.