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Knowing some of the common movie genres

As you plan to watch movies online (ดูหนังออนไลน์), it is important to know more about the genre. In the early days of the cinema, the genre used to be more defined and uniform. Just the way they were in literature and another form of entertainment and art, people would go to the theater where they watched a musical, a war film, or a comedy. The basic genre was included and well defined the following:

  • Action
  • Western
  • Comedy
  • Thriller
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery 
  • Horror

From there, you could dive even deeper, The sub-genres were then developed to give expectations and names to particular types of films that are within each genre. The genre of thriller had the following genres:

  • Crime thriller
  • Technothriller
  • Disaster thriller
  • Psychological thriller

The following are some of the most notable genres:

The action Film Genre

One of the earliest film genres that is in existence and has close ties with classic struggle and strife narrative that you would find across all types of literature and art. With some earliest examples that date back to everything from historical war epics to some of the portrays that are basic of robberies in trains, action films have been known to be popular when it comes to the audience in the cinema since the beginning. 

It is also one of the great examples of the evaluation of classic heroes vs the villain narratives which you would find in various genres and cinemas.  Some of the main genres include:

  • Military and war action
  • Espionage and spy action
  • Martial arts action
  • Action hybrid genres
  • Western shoot 'em up action 

The comedy film genre

A favorite genre of film audience old and young from the start to the cinema, the comedy genre is one which has been a quite sophisticated, fun-loving, and innovative genre that is delighted viewers for decades. Some of the big names in filmmaking history include the genre of comedy pioneers like Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Lucille Ball, who made careers successfully out of finding unique and new ways of making the audience laugh. 

Some of the common sub-genres include:

  • Slapstick comedy
  • Black comedy
  • Screwball comedy
  • Parody comedy


Horror film genre

While it is considered one of the most recent film genres that are in existence, horror elements have been included in movies dating back to the early years of film making in 1898s Shinin No Sasel – Resurrection of the Corpse is what comes to mind. 

There is another various horror iteration that happened across the globe, capturing the audience’s imagination who are hungry for occult, creepy fun and have existed for a very long time. Currently, there is a rise in the horror movies genre featuring slashers, zombies, found footage, and dolls that are haunted that horror has currently found its way from the 1970s to the current times. 

Some of the main sub-genres do include:

  • Zombie horrors
  • Body horrors
  • Folk horrors
  • Zombie horrors

The sci-fi film genre

Science fiction is one of the thought-provoking and most experimental ones that are in the market. It goes back to the era of the silent film era. Some of the films ever created in this genre focused on the fascination of a man with outer space and the unknown science.