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Facebook Posts To Try Out
On all social media platforms, Facebook too, engaging your followers is very important. When you buy old Facebook accounts, you should have a detailed breakdown of the different post types that you will use. The content you post will determine how engaged your audience will be and how different your products will stand out. Remember that your competitors may be using the same platform, therefore, you have to be determined to stay ahead of the pack. The following are the types of Facebook posts you should use.

1) Video post
If your product has a strong visual appeal, a short video post can be compelling. In the News Feed, videos can start to play automatically, and they can be a great way to catch someone's eye. Also, consider using short videos for polls and announcements. For sharing memorable content or an ongoing series, longer video posts are ideal. Video posts have a higher engagement rate than photo posts, therefore, they are an important way to connect with followers.

2) Status or text post
No link, video, or photos are used in this most basic type of Facebook post. Even though it’s used to spark engagement on your page, a text-only post can't drive conversions or direct people to your website. Consider asking a question to spark engagement in people. You will be surprised by the customer feedback you'll get and it's a great way to figure out what to post.

3) Linked content post
This can be very engaging than status posts. Add a text to tell readers why they should click through the link and you are good to go. It’s a good way to market your products when customers visit your page. Consider sharing link posts from other thought leaders in your field.

4) Photo post
Designed to spark engagement or build awareness, photo posts are ideal to show off products. A high visual appeal that comes with photo posts come in handy if people need to see the product in full to fully appreciate it. Stock photos can help if you are selling something less tangible. A photo post doesn't have to be a photo but it can be any kind of image, illustration, or any other visual.

5) Facebook stories
These can be either short videos or photos that appear in vertical format. Many people view Facebook stories daily even though they disappear after 24 hours. Stories appear at the top of the News Feed and they are a powerful way to connect with fans.

6) Live video post
Facebook live video is a great way for your followers to see the personalities behind your brand, have a look at the behind-the-scenes view of your company, or your product. Here you can interact with your followers directly and also, share announcements in real-time. Preparing for a live video will keep you ready with answers to any question or clarification needed without having to contradict yourself. Remember anything can happen when you go live.

When you buy old Facebook accounts, you should prepare to launch them afresh. Research what the audience may need and create content that will be engaging to them.