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Why Should You Get The 1911 Holster OWB?

Are you looking for a holster that fits into your 1911 gun? 1911 is one of the most famous handguns that people like to carry for their safety. But, now the main question is what type of holster should one buy for their gun? Holsters are easily available in the market, but finding the one that matches your gun’s sizing is so tricky. Here we will briefly talk about the 1911 holster owb and its significance. Is it worth purchasing one or not? 

Every person has their taste. They like to choose according to their taste and even select their holster based on it as well. Some might not be aware of whether they should get the holster or not. They are not even aware that they can customize their holsters. There is a list of never-ending questions. We have tried to cover a few questions on the 1911 holster OWB that will help you in buying the holster. 

Is it worth buying the 1911 holster OWB?

So, the 1911 holster OWB is an outside waist belt holster that carries the gun in the outer part of the body. It can be easily pulled out from the holster. Yes, it is safe and perfect to carry the gun in a holster as it makes things easier. Now, the owner doesn’t need to worry about anything as it is safe with themselves. The colt on the holster never allows the gun to fall. Only the owner can open the colt so that he/she can use it if required. 

Various materials such as leather, Kydex, etc can be used to make it. You can even choose the color of the holster. Whether you want a tan color, brown, red, black, etc. So, the customized theme works better in such cases. Hand-made holster for 1911 holster OWB also works the best. We can say that handmade holsters are better than machine-made as the quality is not compromised or the stitching is perfectly done. It is slightly more durable as well. 

1911 is a classic piece of a gun that is quite an in use since the world wars. That means people have a great history with them. 1911 is an old model pistol and getting the size of holsters for it is a bit tricky as it is not easily available. So, for that, the best you can do is make a holster by customizing it. 

Even though the 1911 holster OWB is an outer waist belt holster, still it is not that noticeable by anyone as it perfectly hides with the clothing. So, you can safely carry it from place to place. It submerges flat with the cloth and makes it unnoticeable. The designs that you get are not found in any other place. To maintain your old-school vibe with the help of the 1911 gun, then get yourself the 1911 holster OWBIt will not only protect you, but you will feel way classier than you have ever thought.