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                                                                          Does and don’ts in a tantric massage session

If you are about to give your body to a tantric London massage session, it is better to know the following dos and don’ts.

Dos and don’ts in a tantric massage session
• It is a good practice to reach the masseuse's place without any delays. If you do so, your mind and body will be in a relaxed state already. So, the session's benefits would stick to your body soon. If you are late for the session, your mind and body would be under stress before the session takes place. Hence, the session would last longer to provide the same kind of relaxation that you have got before. So, it is better to be on time.

• It would be helpful if you avoid eating a lot just before you go to the massage session. Your objective is to provide relaxation to your body and the fight to digest the food will never let the relaxation process take place. So, you should avoid eating just before the session and let the body be in a state to accept the massage with full satisfaction.
• You should not be unreceptive to the masseuse. Sometimes, you may feel awkward to let your body to the masseuse. However, this restriction would decrease the pleasure you could get from the session. You should try to be as open as you can to the session to enjoy to the maximum. Only when the masseuse can use your body to the core, you will get the benefits of the massage.
• If you are not comfortable with being naked, you can tell your masseuse. Likewise, any act of discomfort should go to the consciousness of the practitioner. If you do not like what she does, you can tell her right away. If you keep the things within yourself and act as if you are enjoying the process, the session would be of no use. So, you should feel free to let the masseuse know about your discomforts. Although tantric massage requires you to get naked, you can avoid being completely nude if you do not want to.
• You may have some health issues that do not act as better companions with some activities of the session. So, you should not forget to talk about your health issues, if any, to the masseuse before the session. If you do so, the trained professional will avoid certain activities that are not good for you.
• The massage process may include the usage of certain oils and lotions. If you have allergies to such elements, you should let the masseuse know. Having an allergy during a massage session would be the worst thing one would expect.
• You should let your body and muscles relax during the session. If you keep them tight, the masseuse will not serve you with the right activities. The results could go wrong if you do not cooperate properly.
• You should breathe properly while the masseuse is working on your body. If you hold the breath, you may be in trouble.