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Dangers of converting PDF to word online

Looking to quickly convert a PDF to word online? Several web-based converters have sprung up online, all promising to do the job in just a few seconds. But are these tools as good as they seem? Is it really worth risking the confidentiality of your document for a few seconds of free usage?

Online PDF converters have their fare share of drawbacks. Let’s look at five reasons why you should ditch the online PDF to word converters.

Online PDF converters are probably one of the least secure methods for converting your PDF document to word documents. Using an online converter for a PDF document means that your documents must pass through a third party before you get the finished product which can be very risky especially if those documents are supposed to remain confidential. And unless you inspect the small print, you may not be fully aware of how your document is being stored or processed or even sold to another third party.

While hackers present a threat, there are far more mundane – yet equally important – things to worry about when it comes to PDF converters. Identity theft is one; straight up fraud is another. If you’ve signed a non disclosure agreement with another party, they probably won’t want you to use any kind of online conversion tool for privacy reasons. It would be best if you made use of a trusted converter instead.

It may seem like an already obvious fact, but using an online converter requires an internet connection. If you travel a lot, that’s a pain, and it could stop you meeting deadlines when you’re not connected. This is also a setback as well. In other words you won’t be able to convert and edit Important PDF files anytime you want.

Additionally, think about roaming charges when you’re overseas. The last thing you want to be doing is uploading and downloading huge files; you could just create a word from the start and be done with it rather than paying extra charges.

Converting documentation to Word may seem like a simple task, but when you do the job properly, you can tweak settings to improve the results. Online PDF converters usually give you little or no control over how the conversion is performed and this can leave you with a substandard document which requires extensive manual edits. In some cases, you’ll need to scrap it entirely and start afresh which is literally the least thing you need at the moment.

Before thinking of converting your PDF document to word, you should consider all of the above factors that may greatly affect the end product of your work. I cannot stress it enough how security conscious you should be with your files even if it is a mere article file. These online hackers can sell absolutely anything just to get hold of a few changes at the end of the day. And this goes for your documents too.