political contributions of harold matzner

What makes Harold such a dynamic and inspiring leader, in your opinion?

Palm Springs is known for its celebrity sightings, luxury resorts, and of course, Spencer’s Restaurant. But what many don’t know is that the man behind Spencer’s is none other than local business mogul Harold Matzner. From his humble beginnings to his current status as CEO of several businesses, let’s take a look at the incredible journey of this self-made entrepreneur. Know about political contributions of harold matzner.



Getting Started in Business


Though originally from Chicago, Harold Matzner moved to Palm Springs in 1969 and quickly began building his empire. His first foray into the business world was with a small clothing store called “The Town Shop.” This retailer would eventually become one of the most popular shops in town due to its fashionable clothing and accessories for men and women alike.


Matzner went on to create several restaurants in Palm Springs as well as a number of real estate developments throughout Southern California. It was during this time that he opened up Spencer's Restaurant, which quickly became a local favorite due to its unique combination of elegance and casual atmosphere. Matzner also purchased a number of local publications including the Desert Star Weekly newspaper, which he still owns today.


During this time, Matzner also became heavily involved in local politics and community affairs. He was appointed by Governor Ronald Reagan to the California Council on Criminal Justice, and was later named "Man of the Year" by the Desert Hospital Foundation for his work with its foundation. His success as a businessman and civic leader allowed him to become a major financial contributor to local and national political campaigns.


In the 1980s, Matzner began expanding his real estate interests outside of California in order to take advantage of new opportunities. He was one of the first people to have purchased landin Las Vegas, often investing in undervalued properties that he then resold for a profit several years later. His success in Vegas led to additional expansion into Texas, where he became a major contributor to the Republican Party and one of the biggest investors in state's emerging oil industry.


Matzner's Business Successes  


Harold Matzner has had an incredibly successful career in business and has been involved in numerous projects over the years. Some of his most notable accomplishments include expanding his restaurant holdings with multiple locations throughout Southern California; founding two successful non-profit organizations; creating dozens of real estate developments; and becoming Chairman of the Board for both La Quinta Resort & Club and PGA West Resort & Club—two of the most luxurious resorts in all of Palm Springs. He has also been involved with several museums, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, charities, foundations, banks and other organizations throughout Southern California as either a board member or donor.




Harold Matzner is an inspiring example of what can be achieved when you have passion and dedication to your craft. He has built multiple businesses from scratch while making valuable contributions to many different aspects of life in Palm Springs and beyond. His story serves as an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere who are looking to make their mark on their respective industries while leaving a lasting impact on their communities.