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The pros and cons of a mortgage:

Different people have various goals in their life. Some are easy to achieve, while others require time and effort. Similarly, house ownership is a dream of every person. After spending an eternity in a rented house, you may think of purchasing it on your own. No doubt, the idea is great, but several factors like financial stability and a steady job can make it hard for you. When you think of buying or renting a house, several pros and cons are associated with it. A mortgage is long term commitment, and you have to be sure of several things to make a good decision. Several online sites allow you to read the instruction and mortgage rates before taking any decision. These advantages and disadvantages depend on different factors and variables. If you are confusing the idea of renting or buying a house, you can look at these tips to make a wise decision.

Advantages of mortgage: 

Some benefits of mortgage are listed below,

Achieve homeownership: 

For some people, purchasing a house is difficult. Financial and other reasons don’t allow him to buy a house. In this regard, mortgage plays a vital role. It offers the person to purchase a house without paying full price in cash. Thus, it makes it easy for different people to afford it.

Access to cash: 

The difference between the market value of your home and the amount you owe to your mortgage is equity in your home. So, it offers you access to your money. Whenever you need money, you can use it. Many homeowners use home equity loans or lines of credit to pay college tuition, medical bills, and home improvements.

Improved credit score: 

When you have a mortgage loan use bmo mortgage calculator, it stands good on your credit report and improves the overall credit score. The credit score determines the interest rate on different credit products like credit cards and car loans.

Disadvantages of mortgage: 

Risk of losing your home: 

When your house is collateral for the mortgage, the lender can take your home. When you stop making payments because of any reason, it becomes difficult for you to live in your own home. In case the lender takes your foreclosure home, you will lose all the money you paid up to that point.

Loss of value: 

Several economic factors can affect your mortgage balance. Any purchased property can lose its value over time. In case the real estate market drops, you can lose your home value. As a result, the mortgage balance can become greater than the house value. It can leave you in a situation where you have to pay the loan balance to sell your house. The loan balance is higher than the worth of your home.


When you take out a mortgage, you commit to paying more money back in a certain period, including interest. In 25 years, you have to pay more money than the burrowed.

Overall repayments: 

The monthly payments seem reasonable, but the total amount you back in a year is huge.