What Is The Cost Of Cremation Jewelry?

With science advancements in every field, new and novel concepts are hitting the market. 

One such very thoughtful scientific marvel is the ash to diamond

Cremation diamonds arise from the ashes or hair, making them kind, just like your loved ones. 

Cremation jewelry is made from scratch. 

The first process involves nurturing the ashes of your loved ones into raw diamonds, which are then subjected to conditions similar to the earth’s interiors. 

The raw diamonds are then accurately cut by highly experienced cutters since the cut of diamonds is what is responsible for their sparkle and grandeur.

That’s not it.

Suppose you want your ashes turned into diamonds to be a specific color. These diamonds are subjected to materials similar to those under the earth’s surface to provide the required color. 

Why do we need cremation jewelry?

  1. Cremation jewelry is the first-hand memory closest to your loved one. 

This jewelry involves producing diamonds from the remains of your loved ones which are then graded and colored the way you want to remember your loved ones.

  1. The diamonds can be customized as per your will

These diamonds are shaped as per your will.

You can also decide to colorate them as you wish. They can be the color of their eyes or their favoritecolor. 

  1. This process helps save the finds of building and maintenance of burial grounds

This is a one-time investment. These diamonds require one-time funding, after which you don’t have to worry about the payment, thereby reducing one responsibility from your list.

Speaking of funding, what is the cost of these diamonds?

Let’s dive in to know more...

Cost of Cremation Diamonds

Cremation Diamonds are a priceless and most priced possession at the same time.

These tiny marvels of science are the last of the remains of your loved ones which keep their essence alive. 

These diamonds continue their stories long after their gone. 

However, the world we live in demands a price for everything.

Similarly, these diamonds also have a price.

Several companies manufacture cremation diamonds and more or less follow the same process since the scientific principle behind these diamonds stands the same. 

These diamonds begin at $2900 and go further based on your requirements. 

The companies offer you catalogs to choose from and the prices of the cremation diamonds

Different companies offer these at variable prices. 

Another confounding factor for the price of these diamonds would be the customization you have opted for. Customizations can be done in the shape of the diamond. Another possibility of customization would be color. 

When speaking of color, there are variations too.

Coloring diamonds requires an extra step in the normal process of diamond making, and the processing of diamonds for color would also determine the price. 

Hence the price of your precious diamonds depends on several factors, as stated above. 


Cremation diamonds are your most prized possession, starting at just $2900. These are a one of a kind gems which celebrate the life of your loved ones.