Wrought iron fences

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Wrought Iron Fences

When a building project is complete, some final necessary and decorative touches might be added to the building to beautify and make it look more elegant and attractive. These essential touches include adding a  fence to prevent intrusion and maintain privacy, painting the entire building, introducing a lawn, and many other finishing aspects.

In this article, we will be talking about various advantages and disadvantages of using wrought iron fences on a building. But before we go into that, let's get a faint knowledge of what wrought iron fences are. Those who have not heard of or know anything about wrought iron fences are standard fences made from pure iron elements used to secure and beautify a home. They are ductile and magnetic materials; they have unique traits and are widely known to be very elastic and tensile. It is possible to heat and reheat wrought and subsequently work or beat it into varying shapes, sizes and designs to fit the desired results. Having known a little about this kind of fence, let us highlight the advantages and disadvantages of having wrought iron fences around a building.

Advantages Of Using A Wrought Iron Fence

Malleable And Ductile Nature

Wrought iron fences possess multiple advantages due to the malleable and ductile nature of the iron element. The iron could be shaped into multiple designs that could be very decorative and attractive for the building compared to other regular fences, for example, a wooden fence. Due to the nature of wood, it is said to be not as ductile and malleable as iron, so creativity is limited. For this reason, wrought iron fences are customizable.

It Is Durable and Long Lasting

Iron is known to be a very durable element, and due to this fact, fences made from iron are equally durable. When building fences, most people usually look for durable and long-lasting materials to avoid extra future spending on their repair and maintenance. This advantage often makes wrought iron fences widely sought after.

It is physically appealing

Apart from the tough, ductile and malleable nature of wrought iron fences, it is also visually appealing. The fence is probably one of the first things you see when approaching a building. If the fence appeals to the eyes, one might be very interested in the entire building.

Disadvantages Of Using Wrought Iron Fences

Setting aside the practical aspect of wrought iron, unfortunately, it has its disadvantages, just like many others. Some of these disadvantages are

 It is Prone to Rust

As tough as iron is, when exposed to moisture, a chemical reaction occurs that causes the iron to rust and depreciate. When this happens, the fence will not look as attractive anymore. Unfortunately, this is a downside of using iron fences.

It Is Heavy to Handle

The large mass of iron makes the iron fences very heavy to handle during their construction and installation.