Why Cannabis Distillate is Different from Concentrates and Cannabis Oil?

Are you confused about what exactly is cannabis distillate? Let me break it for you, it is the ultra-refined extract. Distillate is achieved by a complex process. 

Whether distillate gets you high or not depends on the cannabinoids you are consuming. Remember, all distillates are the same as oil but all cannabis oils are not distillates. Cannabis oil is a distillate if other materials including terpenes are removed. 

How distillate is used?

You can consume distillates using a portable vaporizer or a dab rig. Besides this, you can also vape distillates using a vape pen or distillate cartridge. It can be consumed by dropping under the tongue.

They are liked by cannabis product manufacturers for achieving an accurate CBD-THC ratio. So, they use them for producing cannabis edibles. With distillates, they can control the taste of their edibles.

Working of distillate

Distillation is a process in which liquid is converted into a vapor that is condensed back to liquid form. It is used for separating liquids from solids or for separating numerous liquids having different boiling points.

How vodka is prepared from grain is the best example of distillation.

Difference between distillates and concentrates

All concentrates are not distillates but all distillates are concentrates. Concentrates include distillates, waxes, shatter or any other form of cannabis extract that is potent from the flower from which it came.

How distillates are different from cannabis oil?

Distillates are a type but not the only type of cannabis oil. Cannabis oil has become popular among consumers because of its unique processing. It is preferred over distillates because the process doesn’t rely on butane or any other chemicals. Consequently, it is natural than its competitors.

How is distillate prepared?

You can’t make the distillates by yourself in the kitchen. It is a scientific process, so it is to be left on the experts. Here are some steps for learning the basics of this complex process.

1. Separate the cannabinoids

Separate the THC from the cannabis plant using CO2 solvent-based extraction.

2. Winterization

By this process, the extracts must be refined for removing any remaining undesirable materials.

3. Decarboxylation

Once isolated, cannabinoids are then heated up enough for activating their medical components.

What I should expect after consuming distillates?

Different cannabis products can provide you with different experiences that depend on various factors. For example, your tolerance level, the strain used, height and weight etc. 

Distillates are the most potent form of THC and their results can be noticed immediately. What effects do you notice depends on the dosage consumed? So, wisely discuss this factor with your doctor before trying distillates.

Can I get the distillates deliveredto my door?

Yes, legit and trusted weed dispensaries like the herbal panda can deliver your products on the same day. Furthermore, they ensure that your details will be kept private.

Bottom line

In this article, we discussed everything about distillate. I bet, it will inform you of the worth of this priceless cannabis product.