erectile dysfunction and COVID-19

Things you must know about Covid-19 Erectile dysfunction

How does COVID-19 affect the sexual life of men? If we get the knowledge about the capabilities of COVID-19 to cause erectile dysfunction, many men that have been walking around irresponsibly without a mask will change for good. If we want to shorten the life of this dreadful pandemic then we must live a responsible life of observing all medical precautions, it’s time to pay attention and purpose to change.

The evidence of erectile dysfunction COVID is rapidly cropping up from men who are now raising concerns about their inability to erect. Below is what you must know,

The impact of COVID-19 onthe mental health of some men is another factor that needs the doctor’s intervention

Apart from physical health, the mental struggle when infected by the virus can suppress the libido. There are close and strong relations that exist between erection dysfunction and the possible psychological effects caused by COVID-19. For certain men, their response and recovery from the illness are not that easy. Those called “long-haulers” or persons that have successfully recovered from the diseases, but are still experiencing side effects or symptoms may be at the risk of suffering erectile dysfunction that is as a result of psychological distress. Like if people are asked, can you easily mingle with someone that has recovered from COVID-19 without being suspicious? A majority would give a no response. But why? How about the individual that has recovered from COVID, will the person not be suspected that possibly the virus is still in the body, or can recur? Stigmatization will take the center stage and lead to psychological distress.

Erectile dysfunction caused by COVID-19 can be a short- or long-term complication
At this stage of COVID symptoms discovery, it is not yet possible to study and determine short and long-time effects on the human body. Who can linger and who will have to endure a prolonged illness as a result of COVID infection.

But hope can still be found. The levels of testosterone usually rebound back to their normal state once a temporary illness has diminished completely.

Research on ED and Coronavirus
Currently, there is no scientific proof that COVID-19 interferes with the structure of one’s penis. With blood vessels intact and replacement of hormones, erectile dysfunction is a short time complication. However, there is no solid guarantee about the time which effects can remain in the body prospectively. Just like cardiovascular and neurological symptoms, there still no sufficient research that states how long can a patient experience ED.

Whether COVID-19 causes ED or not, at least both ailments correlates. But the other serious effects that comprise chronic fatigue, lung damage, and death, are the confirmed side effects of COVID. The side effects of COVID resemble those of flu shots, which is why many experts encourage men to be vaccinated at the appropriate time.

To men that are fighting COVID and observing all prevention, ED should to the list of why you should stay safe. It is good to talk with your doctor, they will eventually direct you to a competent urologist who can establish the main cause of your ED and suggest a potential