Lithium batteries


All you need to know about your battery



With the advancement of technology across all spheres of society, certain components that make up these tech innovations are often overlooked and do not get as much credit as they deserve. 

Prominent amongst these types of components are batteries. We all need batteries. We need batteries for devices as small as clocks or our routers. We need batteries for gadgets as important as our mobile devices, generator sets, camping equipment, etc. 

There's hardly anyone in the 21st century who would be bold to say they do not have any use for batteries, whether big or small.

Common Sizes of batteries 

There are different types of batteries, and these different types come in several sizes. Since some batteries work for everything between small and big gadgets, there have to be different sizes of batteries, and each comes with a different capacity. Some of the most common types of batteries will be listed below

•           Double-A or AA batteries

•           Triple-A or AAA batteries

•           Quadruple A OR AAAA batteries

•           D batteries 

•           9v batteries 

•           CR123A batteries

•           23A batteries 

•           Cr2032 batteries

Note that the majority of these batteries are commonly either lithium batteries or alkaline batteries. There are a host of other types of batteries that will be discussed subsequently. 

However, the above does not represent every size of the battery. The types of batteries that form the major crux of this article are discussed in the following category of batteries called “specialty batteries.”

Specialty batteries 

Specialty batteries are those types of batteries used for high energy consumption. This is so in the sense that these are your go-to batteries for any device(s) that require a lot of energy, i.e., high voltage devices or equipment. Such equipment as generators, cars, lawnmowers, and laboratory equipment require these kinds of batteries to function. Notably, common types of specialty batteries are listed as follows:

•           12v batteries

•           22v batteries

•           44v batteries

Types of batteries 

In this section, the article will review different types of batteries along with some of their features. 

Lithium batteries are safe to say that this type of battery is one of the most commonly used batteries. As far as batteries go, lithium has the highest energy density compared to any other, which makes them one of the best types of batteries out there, simply because they can store much more energy.

Alkaline batteries: these are relatively inexpensive and cost-efficient types of batteries. Normally the alkaline battery has over 2,500 milliampere/hour, and they are great for minimal to heavy energy devices.

Carbon Zinc batteries: these are relatively cheap types of batteries. Perhaps, this is so because they possess a very low energy density.

Silver Oxide Batteries; these batteries only come in a button cell form. Perhaps this is because they are mainly used for small devices like wristwatches, some digital clocks, and other not-so-big gadgets.


It is important to close with the fact that there are other types of batteries, and batteries are not exclusively limited to those mentioned above. However, the primary aim of this article remained to correct the common misconception of using types and sizes of batteries interchangeably.