turkey citizenship by investment

Unbeatable Investment: Buy a Home and Get Turkish Citizenship with It!



Buying a home and becoming a citizen of Turkey may seem like a difficult feat – but with the right strategy, it is achievable. You can become a citizen of this beautiful country while also investing in Turkish real estate. An investment that will not only provide you with a place to call home but also make your path to turkey citizenship by investment much easier. Let’s look at how you can combine these two goals to create an unbeatable combination. 


The Benefits of Becoming a Citizen of Turkey 

Turkey is a unique nation with some incredible benefits for citizens, including access to its stunning Mediterranean coastlines and historic sites as well as its vibrant culture, cuisine, and people. The country has seen remarkable economic growth over the past few decades and offers strong job opportunities for entrepreneurs and professionals alike. As an added bonus, Turkish citizens are granted visa-free travel to more than 80 countries such as Japan, Singapore, Qatar, Mexico, and many more. Becoming a citizen of Turkey thus provides you with numerous opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable without the coveted passport. 

Buying Real Estate in Turkey 

Turkey has seen an explosion in real estate investments over the last decade due to its relaxed foreign ownership laws. It is now possible for foreigners to purchase property in almost any corner of the country without restrictions or additional fees. This makes it an ideal destination for those looking for their dream vacation home or even those who want to move there permanently. Furthermore, prices remain competitive compared to other European countries which makes it easy for investors on any budget to get started on their journey towards owning Turkish property. This includes everything from charming apartments on the Mediterranean coast all the way up to luxurious villas nestled in the hills of Istanbul or Ankara or cozy holiday homes along one of Turkey’s many stunning beaches. 

The Pathway To Citizenship Through Real Estate Investment 

Of course, buying real estate in Turkey is just one part of the equation when it comes achieving your goal of becoming a citizen – so how do you go about doing that? Thankfully, there are several ways through which foreign buyers can expedite their journey towards gaining citizenship through real estate investment: 


• Residency Permit by Investment (RIB): This program allows foreign investors who purchase property worth at least $250K USD (or equivalent) in value anywhere within Turkey’s borders gain residency status within 3 months after submitting all required documentation and paying associated fees. After holding residency status for 8 years (which can be reduced by half if certain conditions are met), applicants are then eligible for full citizenship status via naturalization process . 


• Citizenship by Investment Program (CIB): This program requires applicants invest at least $500K USD into Turkish real estate assets or start up businesses within certain sectors (such as tourism). Applicants must hold these investments for at least 3 years before applying for citizenship via naturalization process . Once approved , they receive permanent residence permit valid for 5 years and will be eligible for full citizenship after 8 years . 


• Fast Track Option: For those looking to expedite their pathway towards gaining citizenship , there is also fast track option which requires applicants invest $1M USD into residential properties located anywhere within country’s borders . Foreigners who choose this option will be able obtain full citizenship after just 1 year – making it perfect choice those looking quickly become citizens without having wait extended period time . 



Gaining Turkish Citizenship through Real Estate Investment is an unbeatable combination that allows you access all wonderful benefits that come with being full-fledged resident while also giving opportunity own piece paradise within country’s borders . With variety programs available , along fast track option , anyone interested achieve dual goals buying home becoming citizen should have no trouble finding perfect fit them . All need do now start researching suitable properties start traveling down path towards obtaining Turkish passport!