revolver holsters

Dual-Carry Shoulder Rig with Revolver Holster Attachment


When it comes to carrying a firearm, having the right holster is a must. It needs to be comfortable, secure, and versatile enough to accommodate your needs. For medium and large frame revolvers, modular holsters are one of the best options out there. Read on to learn more about why you should consider investing in one of these revolver holsters for your revolver. 


What Are Modular Holsters? 

Modular holsters are designed with versatility in mind. They are made from three main components: the base holster, the clip attachment system, and the belt loop attachment system. Together, these three pieces make up a single holster that can be easily adjusted or reconfigured for different uses. You can switch between clip and belt loop attachments depending on how you want to carry your firearm (e.g., inside waistband or outside waistband). The modular design also makes it easy to move from one type of gun to another without having to buy a whole new holster setup each time you switch firearms. 

Additionally, modular holsters make it easier to customize the fit and comfort of your holster for different shooters. With the ability to adjust cant angle, belt loops, height, and retention levels, you can create a perfect fit for each gun that you own. Finally, many modular holsters are also compatible with other accessories such as mag carriers or sound suppressors. This makes them a great choice if you want to customize your experience with multiple firearms. 


Modular holsters are extremely popular amongst competition shooters, law enforcement personnel, and everyday carriers due to their versatility and customizable design. 


Why Should I Use One For My Revolver? 

A modular holster is an excellent choice for medium and large frame revolvers because it offers superior comfort and security when compared with other types of holsters. The adjustable straps allow you to customize how tight or loose the holster fits around your body so that you can find the most comfortable fit possible while still ensuring that your firearm stays secure during movement or while seated in a vehicle. The construction also ensures that your firearm will remain securely in place even when making quick movements such as running or jumping, which is essential for any type of active lifestyle. Additionally, many modular holsters come with extra features like additional pockets or magazine carriers which can be convenient for those who need extra storage space for ammunition or accessories such as speed loaders or pocket knives. 


 In conclusion, if you own a medium or large frame revolver then investing in a modular holster is definitely worth considering as it offers superior comfort, safety, and versatility compared with traditional holsters. Whether you’re looking for something that allows you to quickly switch between different types of handguns or just want something more comfortable than traditional leather holsters, modular options offer an array of features that make them ideal for any type of situation or purpose. From their adjustable straps to their multiple attachment points according to personal preference, these holsters offer unbeatable convenience and reliability when it comes to carrying your firearm safely yet comfortably no matter what activities you’re engaging in throughout the day!