Tembak Ikan

What is Tembak Ikan

Bored with playing fish shooting games with no rewards for playing? Try Tembak Ikan and get rewarded for enjoying and entertaining yourself.

Tembak Ikan, an Indonesian term for shoot fish, is a casino gambling game in which, like the name suggests, you have to shoot fishes to win prizes and rewards.

There are many versions of the game offered by many different online gaming sites and casinos. But the most basic goal to win is that you have to reel in or shoot any fish or marine creature underwater. This is possible due to the control panels available on big screen tables in casinos and on our device screen, used to play.

The game is a good option for people who, want to enjoy gaming with earning rewards and bonuses.

The game is easy to play and helps in relaxing with its beautiful and colorful visuals on the screen. Technology is used at its best in these games for making their theme more appealing for players or for making controls for shooting along with fantastic game audios.
To play this game you have to use the money to buy the bullets but don't worry the game is very cost-effective. You have to use the bullets to shoot whatever fishes come onto your screen, there are also bonus fishes. Killing bonus fishes can help you get extra or bonus rewards and points.

For every fish that you kill you get points which are calculated at the end of the game and if sufficient enough can be turned into cash that you can take out whenever you want to.

There are hundreds of online sites providing these types of Tembak Ikan games and choosing a good website is very important because a good site like JOKER123 can give you their best services and a great gaming experience without any glitches on their side.
You also have to choose a safe and secured site that you can trust with your money. Tembak Ikan games also offer different types of shooting weapons and strategies that can be applied and, also give bonus weapons once in a while which can be used once or twice especially for killing big and monstrous fishes.

Players can also buy these weapons on their account with money. The points that you get for killing fishes depend on what type of fish did you kill. Also only hitting or shooting fish does not give you points. You have to make sure to kill them.

Small fishes that you kill will have fewer points and value whereas bonus, big or unique marine animals have more value and therefore, more points.

This game can be played by all legal age groups as these types of games are universally common and can be found easily on apps like the play store but these games don't have rewards that online gambling and gaming sites offer.

The game requires focus and good aiming skills instead of blind luck unlike many gambling and casino games, which makes it more entertaining and fun to play. But just because the game is easy to understand and play at the beginning doesn't mean that the players would be bored as the more you level up or play the more difficult the game gets which helps in keeping the player invested in the game.

Online sites also provide tutorials for different types of Tembak Ikan games. So, instead of playing the same kind of gaming apps that give you no rewards, you can play shoot instead and get cash rewards all the convenience of your choice of device like mobile, desktop, tablet, etc, and a good net service.