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What Is The Alcohol Detox Florida Timeline?

Alcohol detox is a very unsafe process and the people undergoing it require a lot of strength and medical support. The alcohol detox florida has time and again proved their efficiency and excellence in the field and are known throughout for their professionalism. Those who have already visited them and have experienced their hospitality will know that they have a very safe and positive approach towards their patients. They know each and every patient in their center. They get to know everyone better via activities that are performed for recreation and to release stress.


If you also are undergoing withdrawal then you can contact them. Usually, this has a timeline according to which you can contact alcohol detox florida.


What Is The Timeline?


On the first day, you may see some symptoms of withdrawal after 6 to 12 hours when you last had a drink. They may be as minor as headache, anxiety, etc and you may also have tremors, etc as you reach 24 hours.


The symptoms then start increasing both in intensity and variety. Within 24 hours, they become intense and may include vomiting, attacks, etc.


Now, from three to seven days, all these symptoms may vary and may be there at once and may not be there at some point. Insomnia is also expected to be experienced in this time span and there is a huge risk of tremens and mind you, it has been seen to be life threatening.


When the first week is done, you will see that the symptoms start decreasing and they become a lot less frequent. There is a probability that you might experience post-acute withdrawal syndrome. This is a lot less intense and is bearable than the last stage but it may stay for some months.


What Are Some Of The Medicines Used In Alcohol Detox Florida?


A lot of medicines have proven to control the symptoms related to withdrawal. Alcohol detox florida tends to use some of these medicines for the same purpose. These medicines are a part of their daily use because a lot of patients need them in case the symptoms get too dangerous or unbearable.


Different medicines have different use like benzodiazepines like Librium, Valium, and Ativan have been used in order to deal with insomnia as well as anxiety and the risk related to seizures can also be checked like by using medicines with Lamictal, Depakote, and Tegretol.


Acomprosate medicines such as Campral used and prescribed after it have been some days to the detox because it reduces cravings of alcohol. Therefore, it proves to be helpful for drinkers in order for them to remain abstinent. Similarly, Vivitrol shots do the same thing in alcohol detox florida.


These medicines are never given alone; instead they are given with a proper treatment plan as given by rehabs.


About Drug Addiction Treatment


This is another for which is used with alcohol a lot of times. It includes cocaine and also prescribed drugs which are a common use along with alcohol for abusers. Many Alcohol detox florida also have a provision for such addictions like 1 solution itself.