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The Laredoan Crossdraw Holster  - Model 1914cd


The ‘old west’, was the development of the United States in the west and this development also caused rapid growth in the usage of guns and gun leather. Before the introduction in the United States, gun leather was largely used in the military and only in European countries.  


With time, people and tribes started migrating to the west and started making gun leather as a source of living. Artists and artisans came up with creative designs for gun holsters, leather holsters, gun belts, saddles, etc. The gun trend went very well with the cowboy lifestyle prevailing in the west of the United States and the style factor of the gun covers, the shoulder holsters, and all the different types of leather gun holders are still continuing to be very large industry in the west. 


Kirkpatrick Leather Company


The Kirkpatrick Leather Company was started in 1950. After being around for many decades, the company still manufactured high-quality leather holsters and belts to hold guns and weapons. They improvise and come up with fresh designs to satisfy all their customers. The leather belts are of top standard hold the weapons perfectly according to size and offer the best protection for your guns. 


The Laredoan Crossdraw Holster


This crossdraw holster is super fancy and efficient at the same time. The cross-draw holster attaches to a belt and can be easily removed too. It has two attachable gun holsters that allow for an easy draw of the guns at any time in any situation. 


The leather is high quality and well known as ‘Laredoan’. The cross-draw holster offers a perfect mold fit for any type of pistol and is handcrafted with the best designs. This cross-draw holster can also be custom-made with any requirement the customer might have. 


The cross-draw holster is fully lined and perfectly stitched and comes with a bar of matching silver plated concho or with a bar of matching silver plated initial according to the customer’s requirements. The custom-made cross-draw holsters are made with the best hand-crafted experience. 


The company picks out the best part of the hide to make these cross-draw holsters reach the utmost quality and standards. Then the color for the cross-draw holster is hand-dyed into the leather to make it look flawless for the customer. The edges of the cross-draw holster are then sanded and all the bumps are removed to give a shiny and stylish look. 


The glossing of the leather also prevents moisture from entering the leather and protects the weapons from rust and other damage. The cross-draw holster also has 24 bullet loops made to store all the ammo within reach. The cross-draw holsters are custom made till the last point and even to fit the exact jean size. 


Before manufacturing the custom crossdraw holsters the type of gun, gun manufacturer, the caliber of the gun, barrel length, left-handed or right-handed, color, and jean size are all noted down to provide the best product to the customer.