Bonuses and RTPs- c Mermaid Riches and Megagame Spirited Wonders 

Megagame Mermaid Riches does not consist of a jackpot prize. However, megagame Mermaid Riches compensates for this absence by incorporating several sensational elements that elevate the user's experience and improve wings within the base game of Mermaid Riches. When the spinning starts in megagame Mermaid Riches, the special symbol known as the Sticky Wild starts randomly moving across the reels. The Sticky Wild, much like its name, sticks to a particular pocket till the duration of the spinning ends.


Another sensational element offered by megagame Mermaid Riches is the special symbol "Blue Pearls." These symbols come with indicative numbers ranging between one to three. These numbers on Blue Pearls indicate how many times that particular Blue Pearls special symbol can form a component of the successful combination before it vanishes. As an example, an indicative signage of two indicates that the Blue Pearls symbol can form a component of the successful combination two times before it vanishes.


The wins generated by a player within megagame Mermaid Riches gets multiplied by an existing multiplier present on an overhead segment. Starting with a multiple of 1, these overhead multipliers accumulate incrementally by a multiple of five when players get beyond the fourth bout.


The best characteristic of megagame Spirited Wonders is represented by players' ability to activate hardly any incentivized attributes and reap the benefit of three special symbols. To start off, let's look at the wild symbol. The wild symbol's structure is akin to a frightening Daruma doll, possessing the strength to replace regular symbols to complete winning patterns. This Daruma doll wild symbol marks its presence in all but one reel, which is the first reel.


There are two types of gates within megagame Spirited Wonders. The first of these gates plays the role of a mystery symbol. If individuals are faced with the possibility of losing and one of these mystery symbols is present in the reels, these mystery symbols will convert themselves into regular symbols. This transformation boosts winning chances for megagame Spirited Wonders participants.


The second of these gates serve the function of acting as scatter symbols. If individuals come into a position wherein a minimum of these three gates are present, a bout of a minimum of ten free spins will be initiated. Every scatter symbol added results in the addition of two additional free spins. Apart from initiating free spins, these gates also lead to boosted multiplier possibilities in the duration they're active for.


Additionally, there's the lingering presence of lanterns within megagame Spirited Wonders. These lanterns serve to display add-on multipliers that stack on top of the multipliers achieved as a result of incentives. Upon exhausting winning streaks, these lantern multipliers reset to their original minimum.


Megagame Mermaid Riches represents a volatile environment where wins and losses both pull their weight. So, even though the regularity of success may be infrequent, upon achieving triumph, individuals can expect to receive extraordinary rewards that far surpass their expectations.


Megagame Spirited Wonders comprises a medium degree of volatility. So, wins and losses can be expected to be fairly balanced. 


The RTP values of both Megagame Mermaid Riches and Megagame Spirited Wonders are the same and are 96.71%.