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Benefits of video games for kids and adults

There are several benefits of video games for both kids and adults. Playing video games with our kids helps in building a strong relationship with our kids. It brings in more interactions and more fun. These benefits can be health wise or mental wise which include, stress relief, healthy brain stimulation, acquiring problem solving skills, better social skills, and many more benefits.  In this article, we will look at some of the benefits of video games for both kids and adults. 

 Good for mental health benefits and improves your vision

Playing video games helps in changing our moods and improve heart rhythm. This relieves our stress and makes you free. Once you have stress or mental health disorder, video games can always change your moods to normal. That is why video games have been used in therapy for over years and it works perfectly. Video gaming is the best workout for your mind for fun. Playing games regularly helps in boosting your brain connectivity and increase gray matter in your brain. This gray matter helps in perception, memories and muscle control among others. In the past we were taught by our parents not to watch television when close to it. It was believed to damage our eyes but it was only lack of a better knowledge. People who play video games can clearly see in clustered spaces since they have trained their brains to see small details in some types of games. These small details are always important to them in their games thus making their vision better. In most cases, those kids who play video games while they are still young, turns out to be great surgeons in future.

Video games make you become more physical active

Gamers are always active while playing these video games. Video games that involve whole body interaction or handheld give gamer a chance to be active physically and even participate in physical activities. Some gamers start creating games that can be played across physical fields or space making more people be active in the physical activities. With this in place, several people are able to play and get a chance to know where their talents lie.

Gamers have better social skills and persistence

Most people who play video games are known for having better social skills and can easily relate with people around them I a better and respective way compared to those who don’t play video games. Experience from the video games of different types has taught gamers how to interact with different people from different fields and different ages. With kids they get to perform better in their studies and can relate better with other students around them in school. This is because of the social collaboration to some types of games they play on video games. Video games are made in such a way that you either win or you lose. Gamers have to learn from their mistakes and keep trying until they reach their goals. These video games teach gamers to be persistent and treat their mistake for loosing as another chance to learn more on the mistake done.

Modded account gta games are very interesting and can help your kids realize the benefits mentioned above better.