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Pain-Free Solution in the Numbing Spray 

This super-gentle Numbing spray is formulated with lidocaine, the only active ingredient that provides instant pain relief and reduces the sensation of needles. These sprays and lotions are used to reduce pain and discomfort when applied to the skin. Feel uncomfortable undergoing some medical procedures? This new numb spray can help you get through the most painful treatments by numbing that area of your body. It’s a fast acting and easy to use product that numbs in minutes, so you can get back to what matters most.


Chill out! This Spray is a non-biohazardous, spray that is proven to significantly reduce pain. It's water-based lubricant formula cools and moisturizes at the same time! This instant-numb spray creates an icy layer that lasts for 15 to 30 minutes and can make any skin treatment a bit easier. Nobody has the time or energy to deal with pain, so this spray is the perfect remedy. The deep freeze formula numbs your aches, pains, and skin irritations so you can get back to whatever is really important—like getting that work done.


Don’t Waste Time Suffering from Pain


Painkilling spray that allows you to feel free of pain during the tattoo process. It is perfect for achieving the most comfortable shave possible. This spray is made with Lidocaine, a handy little topical anesthetic you can use before or after your wax. It helps minimize the pain and discomfort you'll feel.


Shop a selection of the most popular numbing sprays for the most comfortable teeth whitening experience. One squirt of the Spray numbs the area for approximately 30 minutes so you can continue what you're doing without pain. The spray uses a blend of bio-availability and anesthetic agents to temporarily reduce the sensation on your skin. Keep your patients comfortable with the Spray. This spray can be used on areas including lips, inner thigh, nose and ear to help numb the pain before injections or surgery. It's fast acting, easy to administer, and gentle on the skin.


Spare Yourself from Unnecessary Pain


This painless spray is the best way to stop discomfort for up to several hours at a time. The fast-absorbing formula—that can be used on your face, hands and body—is clinically proven to numb pain on contact, helping you get through your day with confidence! Lidocaine Spray is a topical anesthetic that alleviates pain from minor cuts and scrapes. The spray works quickly to numb the affected area and its use can reduce burning, stinging and itching. Lidocaine has been proven to cause minimal redness or swelling, which makes it safe for use on the face and other sensitive areas of skin.


Need to numb a skin area before waxing or threading? This spray is the answer! Simply spray it onto your skin, wait 30 seconds, and then proceed with waxing or threading as normal. The cooling effect will help deactivate pain receptors, making the process feel more comfortable. If you love to wear high heels, this numbing spray can be the lifesaver that you need.