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Maintaining my mobility scooter



Having a guideline for a mobility scooter enables you to do what you expect to do to your mobility scooter. Unlike vehicles or lorries, no light or signal signs will indicate you for servicing. 

Many vehicles indicate they need an alignment or oil-related issues. But not in the case of the mobility scooter. Proper maintenance will make it last longer.

There are many maintenance tips for mobility scooters. For your mobility scooters to last longer, it is necessary to change the battery every year, as most mobility scooters use lead-acid batteries that don’t charge well as time goes on. 

Being proactive is better than waiting for the battery to pack up suddenly. You can get a lot of competent service centers at your convenience. You could find them by surfing the internet for mobility scooter dealers near me. 

Numerous tips for maintaining your mobility scooter will be discussed below in this article.

How to maintain a good mobility scooter 

  1. Keeping the battery in shape.

Some scooters require less maintenance, and they are; lightweight mobility scooters and foldable electric wheelchairs because they use lithium batteries.


The best way to make it last longer is never to let the meter reach the red zone. Always charge the battery regardless of how it has been used. Therefore, your batteries should be fully charged often, even if you plan to travel and keep them.


Also, avoid when batteries dry up, it loses their ability to retain a charge. The battery cells dry up when it is power drained. The best way to reduce the life of your batteries is to dry the unit until the battery goes off.


  1. Avoiding stress on the scooter

Another maintenance is making sure you aren't putting your scooter through unwanted stress. The widespread way to keep the mobility scooter in good shape is not putting more weight than the actual weight required. 


They all have a weight capacity. Make sure you check the weight capacity whenever you plan to carry extra stuff on it or luggage with you.


  1. Avoiding water

We have few mobilities that work during rainy seasons or that withstand water. Moving over wet grounds or wet grass is not advisable. 


Bad news tends to pop up whenever water touches the transaxle and wheel well. These types of equipment are not made to come in contact with water. 


To enjoy and make mobility scooter work perfectly and last longer, ensure it stays away from water and high level of humidity for its components not to get rust.


  1. Keeping Scooter clean 

This sounds like a daily routine a scooter owner should do, but research shows that 80% of scooters received by tech are covered by mud and dirt. Keeping your scooter clean always makes it attractive to other users and enables it to perform or operate accordingly. Using rubbing alcohol mixed with water with foam will be better for cleaning the scooter. Using this method, there is no way water would enter the mechanical or electrical components.


There will be better resale value if the scooter stays in good condition. 



Manuals are an underutilized tool. You tend to know the do’s and don't of products. The scooter's life span might be short if it is not used correctly. It is in your interest to read manuals thoroughly.