How to Find a Good Auto Shop Management Software Developer

Everyone talks about auto shop management software, but the professionals behind this software are not talked about enough. Companies such as Tekmetric only require you to have an account and tekmetric login credentials to get started. They are easy, fast, and cheap to use.


If you are just getting started with these tools, don’t just look for the software you will work with. Try to also inquire about the developers, who they are, their mission, and how much more they help rather than just selling you their products. Here is how to find a good one.


Ask for Recommendations

Do you have a friend who is also an auto shop business owner? Do you know if they have used auto shop management software before? If not, try finding more information about the software they use.


Some of the important details you want to ask about include the performance and how often the updates are. You might also want to ask how much they cost per subscription, what the options are, especially their customer support and general quality of service. This will give you a hint on what to expect from the developers and what kind of professionals they are. 


Check Reviews Online

If you can’t find anything credible within your circle, you can try looking at the internet for more credible reviews. You want to check on the website and other third-party sites for reviews and ratings.


The main goal is to find out what the past and present clients are saying about the services. A good developer with great products and excellent customer service will always have many reviews, which are also positive and great ratings.


On the other hand, if the developer is not so good at customer service or their products are disappointing, you will know by their low ratings and poor reviews. You always want to go for the former.


Quality of Service 

The overall quality of service is an important factor you can’t afford to overlook. If you have used different software before, then you know that many changes, updates, and adjustments happen regularly.


You want to inquire about this before you start using any service. Ask about how often they update the software, what happens if change happens, if they have training for new updates, adjustments, etc.


The last thing you want is a developer that doesn’t care to update their products. Or, worse, those who make the changes and updates but don’t provide training for you to catch up. Or those who are never available for customer support to answer your questions and respond to your queries.



There are many things you could be looking for but what you want to pay attention to is their quality of products and their customer services. You want the tools you use to be the most recent and up to date. You also want them to always be available when you need them. If they’re not readily available, it's like not having them at all.