Pancake mix

Easy Breakfast Ideas with Pancake Mix

Everybody loves a hot stack of pancakes in the morning. It only comes down to how you like yours. Besides coffee, there are so many ways you can have your pancakes. And there are also so many different ways you can prepare them.

You need to have a box of good pancake mix and some toppings of your choice, and you are good to go. This article brings you some of the best breakfast ideas you can easily make with pancake mix. Check them out;

Buttermilk Biscuits

One good thing with pancake mix is that you can make many things that are not pancakes with it, and if buttermilk biscuits are one of them, then why not?  You can take these with your coffee in the morning or evening, or just as an afternoon snack.

The process is also relatively easy, and you don’t even have to add many ingredients. You already have pancake mix, which has most of the ingredients in it. So, you will only need two more; buttermilk/cold milk and cold butter!

Sheet Pancakes

This is another great breakfast idea made possible with pancake mix. Additional ingredients that you may need are also readily available in your kitchen. They include vanilla essence, eggs, milk, and any berries of your choice. 

Chocolate Chip Muffins

Besides your box of pancake mix, some other ingredients you will need to make this delicious pancake mix muffin topped with chocolate chips include sugar, butter, eggs, milk, and an amount of chocolate chip proportional to your ingredients.

They are best served with tea in the morning or coffee in the evening. They are also a great picnic snack idea for family and loved ones and can be served with just about any beverage. 


Let’s face it; waffles are a favorite to many. And if you have a packet of pancake mix lying in your pantry, these are a great switch up to give you a break from regular pancakes. The good thing is that it is a quick and easy recipe to fix.

Another ingredient you will need to include is butter. Once they are ready, they are best served with your favorite coffee, including brewed, stovetop, espresso, pour-over, or even instant coffee.


These are the simplest yet delicious recipe to make with pancake mix. You can add vanilla custard and strawberries to take your breakfast up a notch. They also cut on prep time while still delivering delicious results. 

You can expect pancake mix to have the usual ingredients you will find in crepes. However, that is nothing to worry about as the tasty and fluffy goodness of crepes made with this mix clouds small details like that.

Bacon Pancakes

Bacon pancakes are exactly what the name suggests: fluffy, tasty pancakes combined with crispy, delicious slices of bacon. This makes two breakfast favorites in just one perfect bite - don’t forget to top it with syrup!


We all simply agree on one thing, pancake mix is for more than just pancakes, and you can use it to make pretty much any of your favorite breakfast and snacks with a little bit of creativity. Whether this means waffles, muffins, or even cakes, pancake mix has got you covered.