All About Mega-Game

Are mega games free?

Mega-game are free to play! From first-person shooters to city builders, there are tons of mega-games you can try. If it's the latest and greatest in gaming technology you crave, chances are that the newest games in your favorite genres will be available for download. A couple of clicks is all it takes to get started with new mega games each day, so dive on in!

You won't want to miss out on these amazing offers—mega gaming for FREE! With no subscriptions and no paywalls, what do you have to lose? Download a game today and find out why we believe that any gamer can find a title they'll love.

Megagames vary widely in their size, the number of players, and whether they include an element of competition or not. The original mega games were played between teams or countries, but there have been versions played by as few as four people to hundreds of people. Some variants are organized by people with a military background while others are adapted out of board games like Monopoly or chess.

First-Person Shooters

The FPS genre is vast, and with so many styles of games available, it's hard to decide which mega-game to play first. If you're the type of gamer who loves fast-paced action that demands split-second reactions and fast reflexes, then "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege" will no doubt be a hit! 

You can team up in some of the most intense firefights in FPS history with "Rainbow Six Siege," but if you're more of a lone wolf at heart, you'll appreciate how thrilling it can be when all guns are shooting at once. The fully customizable character you decide to go with will give you access to a huge arsenal of weapons, while the game's dynamic destructibility gives you plenty of options on how to break things down. Needless to say, if fast action is what you like best, there should be no doubt that "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege" is right up your alley.


If you need some real competition while playing your favorite mega-game, why not take on the world in an MMORPG? With "World of Warcraft," players can choose from over 20 different races and classes, giving them a chance to become one of their favorite fantasy characters. If you prefer to be a male or female in the game, you can choose your gender at the start of the play and tailor your character accordingly. With the ability to customize your character in so many ways, characters will appear just like they did in the cartoons they were modeled after! The large world of Azeroth comes complete with lore and backstory that makes it worth visiting again and again as you try to uncover its secrets.

There are tons of awesome MMORPGs available from all publishers, but we think "World of Warcraft" is worth mentioning first. The aim of megagames is still to win. Players are competitive and want to be the best player. They love to share strategies with their friends, post them on Internet sites and find new ways that can increase their chances of winning.