buy a 360 photo booth

What to look for when you buy a 360 photo booth? 

360 photo booths are revolving photography set-ups that you can use to make 360-degree videography. It is one of the most outstanding innovations in photography today — so much so that it has cut the costs of arranging multiple cameras for taking a single shot today. Here's what you need to look for when you buy a 360 photo booth

But before we get into the essential haves of the 360 degree photo booths, we'll have to see if it's worth getting one — and how they have changed videography. 

Before the 360 photo booths were the fad, you had to have multiple cameras stationed at various angles to click the party-ready shots. Then, of course, you'd have to edit and compile all of those shots into one video, and it was one hell of a job. 

With the 360 photo booths, you don't need to worry about different set-ups since your rotating camera mounted on the wheels does a good job here. Not only does it take photos and videos in a full circle, but it also lets you edit and upload them almost instantly. We now present the guide to how you buy a 360 photo booth

Device compatibility 

Some 360 photo booths are device-specific, meaning you can only connect one or the other type of device to them. The most popularly used compatible devices are iPhone, GoPro, and DSLR. So when you buy a 360 photo booth, make sure to check what devices it is compatible with. 

Buying one that can add multiple ones onto itself is recommended. 


Taking photos is one part of this. The bigger and more important one is uploading them and letting the world know. But, of course, it's never been about photos — it's always showing off, just kidding.  

So, the next significant factor is what connectivity does the 360 photo booth have? Some of them can be connected over Bluetooth, while many come with WiFi hotspots. Of course, you'd want to use the more convenient one, and often, internet connectivity is handy at times. It is to make sure that your photos are uploaded to your social media on the go. 

Video effects 

Many sophisticated booths come with high-quality video effects. So, it could be with editing and adding filters and themes, background music and intros, or just about anything to get the shot movie-ready. 

You could slow down or forward your video to special frame rates to give your performance a major movie vibe. So, make sure to check out the available video effects when you buy a 360 photo booth.  

Brand reliability 

This one's a no-brainer. Before getting any gadget, especially those dealing with electronics and stuff, you need to buy one with an established consumer market. Check out the reviews on the e-commerce platforms and talk to the photography experts — you've made a choice by now. 

It concludes our list of things to look out for when buying a 360-degree photo booth.