SVG icons

How to Create Your Animated Icons for Sites

Add some amazing movement to your vector logos and designs with SVG icons and animated icons! Get started creating them right now for free with Adobe Illustrator. A vector logo is an icon in the shape of a vector object, which can be any shape or geometric design.

SVG Icon allow you to create a highly detailed icon with a single stroke! All you need to do is browse icons on a web page and then copy their outline. Then use the SVG program to draw the icon and place it where you want it on your web page. Create animated icons using Adobe Illustrator.

To view the icon that you would have created in Illustrator, you will need to open the Adobe Illustrator file that contains the icon. Then click the arrow on the toolbar to view a file menu, and choose Window > Fonts. Inside the font folder, you will see several folders of fonts.

One of these fonts will probably contain the SVG icons that you created. If not, you should browse through the remaining fonts in the font folder until you find one that contains the icons that you are looking for.

To add the SVG icon to your document, first, create a new layer called a fill layer. You will then want to select the SVG icon that you want to place into this layer. Make sure that you choose a color that will blend well with your text.

For now, we will simply use the "white" color. Also, note that you can choose any fill style for your document; however, for our purposes, we will just use the "stippled" fill style.

Using the gradient tool, you should be able to create a smooth gradient that will transition from one color to the next. To transition from one color to another, simply change the gradient between red, orange, green, and blue.

To transition from one color to another, simply change the color you were using between red, orange, green and blue. You may need to do several passes to get it just right.

When finished, save your document and you will be able to view your newly created SVG icons. Of course, you cannot use animated icons unless you have a Flash player installed that can play Flash files. If your Flash player does not already have this functionality, you should download Adobe's free reader, which will allow you to view all Flash files.