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Wearing Luxury Menswear: Everything You Need to Know

Luxury or high-end menswear isn’t merely a means to an end – it’s an art form. Starting with the basics, such as cut, fabric, and detailing, a label’s creative team crafts an item of menswear that is both warm and wearable: the perfect suit for a night out on the town or a board meeting at the office.


Wearing such menswear requires understanding not only how to source and maintain high-end fabrics but also how to craft every detail of your creation from scratch. The following guide will help you understand what makes this menswear so special, whether you are starting from scratch or simply looking to expand your current wardrobe.



What Makes Luxury Menswear So Different?


For every rich man’s closet, there’s a line that separates the billionaires from the rest of you. Luxury or high-end menswear is that line. The suit, the tie, the pocket square, and the pocket square tie. While the first two are relatively standard elements of menswear, the pocket square may be what sets the average man’s suit apart from the crowd.


While the exact origins of the pocket square are unclear, it can be traced back to the 16th century. The pocket square, therefore, is a classic piece that has been around for a long, long time.


What sets this menswear aside, though, is its emphasis on the pocket square. Considered by many to be a status symbol, the pocket square is perhaps most revered by the business elite.



The Elements of Luxury Menswear


The pocket square is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the elements of Luxury Menswear. Wrapping up the deal are the suit’s details, which are perhaps even more important than the pocket square. Start with the cut. While there are many ways to style a suit with a Western suit cut, many don’t like the “double-breasted” look that characterizes so much menswear.


Instead, a tailored suit with a tailored, double-breasted cuff is ideal. Losers in the suit cut department include the casual “hunting” look and the “tropical” look, which, while lending a more casual feel, is less suited to city life. For a suit to be considered “luxury,” it must be tailored. Trousers should have a slight bulge at the ankle, and the pant leg should end just above the heel.


The shoulders should be canted slightly forward, and there should be a narrow crease running down the front right leg. If you’re unsure whether or not your suit needs tailoring, have your tailor make a sample measurement.



Key Details That Make Up A Good Menswear Suit


When it comes to details such as pocket square size, waistcoat length, and pocket square material, the importance of knowing the basics can’t be overstated. With these very basics, you can craft an elegant, tailored menswear look that is both classic and tailored to fit your body type.


A jacket’s style should be classic and tailored, with only the most elegant of cuts. A jacket’s sleeve length should be just long enough to keep your fingers warm and your elbow from getting stiff, but not so long that it’s unwearable. To get the best menswear for you, just check out this site now!