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Uncovering the Secrets Behind Owning a Star Name


Have you ever wanted to buy a star? It might sound like a strange thing to do but it can be surprisingly easy and affordable. If you’re thinking about buying a star, there are some things that you should know before making your purchase. From what kind of stars are for sale to how much they cost to the legalities involved in “owning” a star, this article will provide all of the information that you need to make an informed decision about buying a star. 


What Kind of Stars Can I Buy? 

When it comes to buying a star, you actually have quite a few options. Depending on the company that you choose, you can buy single stars, binary stars (stars that are orbiting each other), or even entire constellations. The stars that are available for purchase have been pre-selected by the company and are usually located in well-known constellations such as Orion or Ursa Major. Of course, no matter what kind of star you choose, all of them will be far away from Earth—you won’t be able to buy any stars that are close enough for us to see with the naked eye! 


How Can You Buy a Star? 

The process of buying your own star is surprisingly simple. All you need to do is go online and find an official registrar that specializes in selling stars like the International Star Registry (ISR). Once you’ve chosen your registrar, you will be able to select from one of their packages which include different features such as photos, videos, certificates and other memorabilia related to your purchase. After selecting your package, all you have to do is fill out the forms provided by the registrar and provide payment via credit card or PayPal. The process usually takes between one and three days before completion when they will then register your star with its official name into their database. 

Once registered you will receive all the items included in your package along with verification that the name was officially registered under ISR's database. You can also check for yourself using their search engine by typing in the coordinates of which they provide alongside with other details regarding your new-found celestial friend! 


Can I Name My Star? 

Many companies offer packages that allow customers to name their purchased stars after themselves or someone else who is special in their life. However, it is important to note here that these names are not legally recognized; only professional astronomers can officially name stars and other celestial bodies according to the International Astronomical Union (IAU). As such, if your goal is simply having something special dedicated to yourself or someone else then buying and naming a star may be perfect for you. But if your goal is having an officially named celestial body then buying and naming a star may not be enough—you would need to go through the official IAU process in order for your name choice to be legally recognized. 


How Much Does Buying A Star Cost? 

The cost of buying a star varies depending on which company you use as well as which package you select. Generally speaking though, most packages range from $50-$500 with more expensive bundles offering additional benefits such as naming rights or commemorative certificates/plaques. No matter what package you decide on though, make sure that it includes all of the necessary paperwork so that your purchase is legitimate! 

Conclusion: Buying a star can be an exciting way to honor yourself or someone special in your life while also supporting astronomical research and exploration! Before making your purchase though, make sure that you understand what kind of star options are available, whether or not names are legally recognized by the IAU, and how much different packages cost so that you get exactly what want out of this experience. With this information at hand, we hope that your journey into owning one small piece of the night sky goes smoothly!