Raw Honey Online

Go through Product Reviews before you Buy Raw Honey Online

If you’re reading product reviews before buying Raw Honey Online, make sure you’re reading the right ones. Many raw honey sellers like to post ghost reviews on third-party websites. These fake reviews are posted by the honey seller without providing any evidence that the reviewer truly purchased the honey. 

To ensure that you’re reading legitimate product reviews, use the seller’s product name as your search term. For example, if you were looking for raw honey, type raw honey honey. If a honey seller has a product named raw honey, you’ll easily be able to tell which reviews are from them.

Be sure to buy your honey locally

This is by far the most important tip you’ll find here. Raw honey is a product that must be handled with care and respect. Raw honey comes from flowers, and like any kind of flower, it has the capability to pollinate other plants. If you’re buying your honey locally, you’ll minimize the risk of unintentionally spreading honey’s pollen around. 

If you live in an urban environment, though, be sure to keep your honey out of the reach of other flowers and plants. Honeybees are social creatures, and like other social species, they’re attracted to certain scents. If you keep your honey out of sight, but keep it close enough that your bees can get to it, you can help prevent the accidental introduction of pollen from another plant.


Buy your honey online at reputable sources

There’s nothing wrong with buying raw honey online, but there are a few things you’ll want to do first. First and foremost, make sure the vendor you buy from is reputable. There are a few things you can do to help make sure the vendor you use is reputable. 

First, make sure they have positive customer feedback. Negative customer feedback isn’t a good sign, but a lot of negative feedback doesn’t mean the vendor is bad. If the vendor is new, they may need some trial and error before they become more trustworthy.


Always test the honey for quality before using it up

If you’re just getting into raw honey, it’s in your best interest to buy small amounts of honey at first. This way, you can test the honey for quality before using it up. Honey will usually come in 1 pound, pint and half gallon sizes, so if you don’t want to use up all your honey in one shot, break it up into smaller portions. Testing honey for quality is as simple as placing a few drops of the honey onto a paper towel and letting it sit for a few days. If you notice any crystallization, honey has gone bad. You can test a variety of other factors, too. Some honeys have a distinct flavour, so you can pick up on any off-flavours if you’re trying to pick out high-quality honey.


Don’t pay full price for raw honey

This may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised at how often people fall victim to this trick. Raw honey is usually sold by the pound, but you’ll often see it sold by the half-gallon or pint. Some vendors will sell the honey by the quart, which is the smaller-sized version of the half-gallon. It’s best to pick up raw honey by the pound, though. Picking it up by the pound means you can test the honey for quality before using it up, and you’ll be saving a little bit of money in the process.