Features of Windows That You Need To Consider For Your Home

When you’re designing a new space, it can be tempting to put all your efforts into choosing the right colours, furniture and accessories. But unless you get the smaller details right, your design won’t stand a chance. After all, what good is an amazing home if no-one can see it? That’s why when planning your interior design elements you need to think about so much more than just what colour the walls are going to be. These small touches have big implications for how people see your home—and whether or not they want to come back again. Luckily we have some expert advice on which features of window you should consider when designing your new space.


Light Control


One of the most important factors in any window design is control over the light. After all, natural light is one of the most beautiful elements of any home—but too much light can ruin your design. And when the sun is low in the sky, your window won’t be letting in any light at all. To maintain control over the light in your space, you’ll want to consider window treatments. While blinds, shutters and curtains are all common choices, each can lend a different tone to your design.


Colour and Transparency


When it comes to choosing the right colour for your window, you’ll want to consider both the colour of the glass and its transparency. The glass itself will often be the main element in your window design, so it’s important that it reflects your desired look. A tinted glass can add a beautiful, warm tone to your space while a clear glass can let in loads of natural light. When it comes to the transparency of the glass, too much transparency can make it difficult to see out of your window. This can be particularly problematic if your window is in a public space, like a storefront or a lobby.


Window Shape


The next thing to consider when designing your Fönster (Windows) is the shape of the glass. The shape of your window can influence the flow and feel of the room, so it’s important to choose a shape that works for your space—whether that’s adding a modern touch or creating an architectural aesthetic. The shape of your window is also important from a functional perspective.


Hardware and Functionality


Finally, when designing your window you should also think about the hardware and the functionality of the window themselves. They come in a variety of styles, from single-pane to double-pane window, casements and more. Each option has their own pros, cons and design implications, so it’s important to choose the right window for the job.


The best way to ensure your window is a good fit for your design is to create a mood board with different window designs. Then, you can use that board as a reference when shopping for window to ensure you’re getting the look you want.