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Various components of an electronic cigarette everyone should know


If you are tired of smoking and its harmful side effects, you could try switching to vaping. Although it also has some side effects, they will not be severe as in the former case. You can also find several benefits with vaping like the absence of smoke, additional flavors and aroma, varieties of devices, no burning of tobacco, and much more. Most of us would not know the various components used in an e liquide cigarette or a vape. Let us discuss them. 


Components of the electronic cigarette


The various components of an electronic cigarette are as follows,


  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • Vaporization chamber
  • Cartridge


Lithium rechargeable battery – A vaping device is battery operated, and it will be a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Once charged up, it will act as a power supply for the device to produce aerosols from the liquid by the activation of the electronic components inside it. 


Vaporization chamber – Inside the vaping device, there will be a cylindrical chamber acting as housing for several electronic components that will trigger the atomization of the e-liquid when there is a power supply from the battery. If your device is inhalation-activated type, the process will start when you inhale. Ordinary devices will start the process with an external trigger. The process of vaporization is simple as the atomizer along with the heating element will heat the liquid inside the cartridge and produce aerosols. This will then be sent to the mouthpiece from where you can inhale. 


Cartridge – You would be familiar with the use of cartridges for your ink pen. It will be a cylindrical tube that can contain a liquid with an opening to pour it out. The same setup will be here inside the vaping device. Inside this cartridge, you will be filling the e-liquid that will contain the necessary ingredients to give you the feel of smoking. One of these ingredients is the nicotine that will be in abundance in tobacco. You may also get cartridges that come with an in-built atomizer instead of having it in the vaporization chamber. 


Ingredients of e-cigarette


There are several chemical and toxic compounds present in an e-cigarette that you should beware of before using it. Some of them are as below. 


  • Nicotine – Nicotine is the factor of addiction that is present both in a traditional and an electronic cigarette. 
  • Propylene glycol – It is the compound used in some foods for taste purposes. Apart from consumption usage, it is found in paint manufacturing. 
  • Carcinogens – Some forms of chemicals like acetaldehyde and formaldehyde will also be there. 
  • Cadmium – You could also find this metal’s presence in tobacco cigarettes


It is tedious to list out all the chemical constituents of e-cigarettes in an article as there would be variations in the composition whenever the heating happens. However, the components and compounds mentioned above are the vital ingredients of vape liquids. Some of these can cause damages to your health, and it is advisable to know the effects of each constituent before consumption.