personalized paint by number

Painting by Numbers Guide for Beginners

Painting is undoubtedly a fun activity to undertake. The activity gives one relief and focus. It is even more exciting that you do not have to be a professional artist to enjoy painting since the work is made easier for you as you can paint by numbers and explore the artist in you. The paint by number kits helps you to make professional artworks and paintings of any item or anyone you wish to have a painting of.
Getting a painting kit for yourself can never be a bad decision as it is never too late for you to become an artist with the help of numerous personalized paint by numbers DIY kits available to choose from.
If you already have your kit or you have made an order and waiting for it to reach you, be sure that it won’t be an uphill task for you but in case you still need help working around your artwork, here are amazing tips and tricks to give you a worthwhile experience.
Begin in Descending Order
You should always start painting in descending order. This means that you are to start painting from larger parts as you move towards smaller parts. This way, paint by numbers for adults uses less time and prevents accidental smudging at the same time.
Use Darkest Color First
It is important to start with the darkest color in your kit then go to the lightest one. Moving from dark to light colors gives you a better comprehension of the colors as you can see how they affect each other.

Match the Number with Right Color
When painting, attempt to paint every area on your canvas with the correct color. This reduces the confusion of colors and gives you a sequence of paintings. When all the parts are done, allow it to dry as you clean your brushes then go to other parts.
Cover the Numbers
Covering the numbers on your painting is essential as makes your painting look neat. To achieve this, paint the second layer and allow it to dry. Do not rush your custom paint by numbers and allow sufficient time to dry between colors.
Avert Smudges
It is common for your hand to touch a wet part on the painting and this can mess your work. To avoid this, cover the topmost part as you go down to the lower parts as this reduces your chances of getting smudges.
Fasten the Paint Cup
When you are not using paint, close the cups to stop them from drying. Open lids leave you at risk of wasting all your paint. You can as well cover your paint with a light coat of acrylic sealer.
Maintain Your Brushes
If you have your paint by numbers custom made for you, always ensure that you wash your brushes after completing one area so that you can paint the next area. Painting a new part with a clean brush gives your work \a fresh texture as no colors get mixed.