keyword rank tracker

Moving from search ranking to search visibility

Apart for the keyword rank tracker you need search visibility for your content. The web rank tracking that was utilized traditional continue to have value in modern day. It serves a good top-level overview when it comes to performance of the keywords with time and relative to the competitors that you have.

But it is becoming obvious relying on the traditional rank tracking on its own might not obscure the entire story, but it might result in missed opportunities and misperceptions. It is something that is very true especially when the web results are on the first page because it is where all the changes are happen to the SERPs.

What is required is a whole new way of having to think about the search ranking. With all the changes to the results of the search over the years, one thing still remains a constant: when you go down the page further for the results, the less it is likely going to be seen by searchers, and the clicks will be fewer
That is why, it is important to ensure that you know at least two things concerning the results of the keywords which the rank tracking traditionally does not show:

• The way down the results are on the page
• The features of the search which appear about the results of the web.

With such knowledge, it could easily be weighted together with other factors in producing a new metric, a score forms the share of visibility or true search visibility of a result of a certain web.

The score will then allow for estimates that are almost accurate of the value of traffic of the keyword and comparisons that are more accurate within competition. There are a variety of approaches to solve the modern conundrum of ranking and accounting for the correct visibility of listing of web in searches.
The following are some of the search visibility measures:

Eyes on the SERPs
The way that is most rudimentary of having to assess the visibility of the search and one that most professional SEOs utilize, as they have come to the realization that what matters is the actual results for search of a keyword.

Though it is not an activity that is scalable if you are managing a lot of keywords but at least, by doing so regularly, it makes you to be more aware of how invisible or visible your results for ranking are.

Below/above the fold
The simple way of assessing the visibility of a search is by showing whether the web results appears below or above the fold or not. The terms are derived from the world of the traditional newspaper print which are normally displayed folded in half on the newsstands, with the top half of the page on the front showing.
The newspaper is able to ensure that the stories which are to attract the readers’ attention are what appear above the fold on the front. It is the same fashion which is applied to the browser web pages which have a fold.