What to do if you Lock your Car door with Keys Inside

You probably think you can easily pick your lock instead of calling an AAA locksmith when you lock your keys inside your car. While that is a popular solution that sometimes works, it is not always the best and the only thing to do in this situation.


The last thing you want is to mess with your lock and end up incurring even more costs of repairs and installing a new lock. Here is what to do instead of picking your lock the next time you lock your car keys inside the car.


Take a Breath and Trouble Shoot


Most people get frustrated when they realize they locked their keys inside the car. Instead of starting to panic and trying to forcefully pull open the door, just relax, close your eyes, and take a deep breath a couple of times.


Now, that won’t magically open the door, but it will help calm your nerves and allow you to think clearly. Then, troubleshoot your car. Don’t be surprised to find out that there was one door you didn’t lock; easy, right?


Call Someone You Trust


Imagine you decide you need to breathe and take a solo road trip. You reach a place and decide to step outside your car and breathe, taking in the beautiful scenario. Only for you to realize you locked your keys in the car!


This puts you in a vulnerable position and at the mercy of strangers, which might not be so safe for you. In this case, call a trusted friend or family member. Let them know where you are and the situation you are in.


Besides offering emotional support, they might help you figure out how to get back into your car or safely open the lock. Better still, they might have a spare key that you let them have. Whatever the case, the place, or the intensity of the situation, call someone. 


Get Professional help


The best thing to do to get back into your locked car against all odds is to get professional help. If you already know a local locksmith personally, call them and explain your situation. They will most definitely help you.


If you don’t know any locksmiths personally, try to find one online. You can get roadside assistant professionals who come to your location. All you need to do is know where you are, which you obviously would, or simply use your GPS map for them to locate you.


Use DIY Methods


Sometimes situations may not be favorable for you to just sit around calling a friend or trying to find professional help. This is where picking your lock and DIY methods come in. At this moment, your biggest worry is probably not causing damage but getting into your car and getting away from that location. DIY options don’t always work though, and when push comes to shove contacting a professional may be your best bet at getting back in your car.