zimpler casino

The most common payment methods used for zimpler casino

It doesn't matter which casino one is playing the gambling games through; if one is playing them online, one needs to choose a payment option to deposit money that is required to play the gambling games. 

One can use the payment methods that are provided by the casinos. Although to use them, one needs to give all the bank details to the online casino. 

People who are frightful or insecure about sharing their details with an online casino can use a different method called zimpler casino

In zimpler casino, one doesn't need to provide any bank details to the online casino. One can create a zimpler account and get started with the payments. 

The zimpler payment is trusted by thousands and millions of online gamblers who use it daily to deposit their amount in their casino's account. 

There are mainly four ways one can deposit their money in the casino through the zimpler method. These are:


Payment through bank transfer. 

One of the most commonly used zimpler casino methods is bank transfer. It is by far the quickest way of depositing one's money in their casino account. 

For this, one has to provide their bank details to the zimpler account. The account is safe and secured, and one can rest assured that their details will be safe with zimpler. 

After one has provided their bank details, one will get their bankID from which they can deposit money in the casino account. 

To deposit money, one can select the zimpler method on their online casino website. After that, one will be redirected to the zimpler website, and this is where one has to elect that bankID one gets after giving the bank details.


Payment through cards.

Some people who don't use online banking or bank transfer still use the card method for making deposits. If one is a fan of using card deposits, zimpler provides one the service of depositing money through card payments. 

One can make payments from debit cards and credit cards for their casino account. All one has to provide is their card number to the zimpler service. 


Payment through invoice. 

If one doesn’t have any money to gamble but still wants to play the gambling games, they can use the invoice method. 

In the invoice method, one can enter the maximum amount one can deposit through their zimpler account. The amount will be paid by zimpler, and one can enjoy gambling through that money. 

But one has to pay the amount back to zimpler before 14 days. If one fails to pay the amount back in 14 days, then one will receive interest, and one has to pay the amount back with the interest added.


Payment through e-wallets.

The last option one cause to deposit money in the casino's account is by linking the e-wallets. One can link their wallets to the zimpler account and make payments through it. 

All one has to click on is the wallet payment method under the zimpler option to deposit money.