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Football Analysis


For correct and intelligent football analysis (วิเคราะห์บอลit is important to become well versed with the popular terms and technicalities of the game.


Football - Popular Terms

Following are some of the popular terms used in football that every follower of the game must know.


Captain − The player that leads the team and takes decisions about the same is called the captain of the team


Goalkeeper − A specialized player who defends the goal post behind him.


Attacker − The striker placed near the goal post of the opposing team.


Referee − The official in charge and final decision-maker of the game.


Time − The total duration of the game is 90 minutes with a small break after the first 45 minutes.


Extra time − Two sets of 15 minutes each are added to the total duration of 90 minutes in case of a tie.


Tackle − The game requires the player to handle the ball tactfully without using their hands and committing any foul, this is called tackle.


Pass − It is dangerous to keep the ball with oneself for a long time, the players, therefore, keep kicking the ball towards their fellow team players, this is called passing the ball.


Foul −  When a player breaks the set rules of the game it is called a foul and usually results in a free kick or penalty kick awarded to the opponent team.


Free Kick − An unobstructed kick of the ball towards the goal post of the opposing team is called a free-kick.


Penalty kick −A penalty kick is awarded to the opposing team when a defending team's player commits a foul in their penalty box.  


Handball −  When a player uses his hands to tackle the ball, it is known as Handball and is considered a foul.


Head − When a player hits the ball with his head to pass or score a goal, it is known as head.


Own Goal − Sometimes the player ends up kicking the ball in his goal post unintentionally, this is termed as Own goal.


Penalty shootout: In case of a draw, the winner is decided with a penalty shootout. 5 players from each team are, alternatively, given a chance to kick the ball in the goal post of the opposing team, defended by the goalkeeper alone. The team with the most successful shootout wins the football program.


The yellow card − Yellow card is shown as a warning when a player commits a mistake. Two yellow cards in the same game result in immediate disqualification of the player from that particular game. Yellow cards are usually shown when a player, intentionally, tries to hurt the opponent players or disobey the rules of the game. A yellow card can also be used when a player, other than the goalkeeper, touches the ball with his/her hands. 


The red card − When a player continues to commit mistakes after two yellow cards, the red card is issued. Red Card results in immediate disqualification from the game. Apart from mishandling the ball, violence and disobedience also lead to a red card from the referee.


A decent knowledge of the above terms will help in perfect football analysis.