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Ring Size Chart- 3 Methods To Measure Your Ring Size

There are many few occasions where you gift someone a ring. It is either when you want to surprise someone special with a ring that proves you are ready to take the relationship forward. Or else when there is an engagement or wedding taking place.At these times we need an appropriate ring size to select a perfect ring.  Today, online shopping is most common. Buying a ring online needs a ring size chart that is different from all jeweler's shops. Hence, measuring the ring size accurately is essential. 

In today’s busy schedule it is difficult to visit shops for ordering a ring. People prefer buying online by providing the ring size. But how to measure the accurate ring size without visiting the shop? There are ring size charts available on every website of the jeweler. Take the printout and use it as required.The following are the simple 3 methods you can try. 


  • Make Use of String/Floss- The things you will need for measurement are the string or foss, a ruler, and a pen. Now, you need to fold the string around the finger base, below the knuckle surface. Check where the string ends and make a mark with the pen. Next, on the ruler, place the measured string with the marked area. You need to check the circumference of the ring in millimeters. The number that is close to the marked point is the circumference. Finally, you can use the ring size chart and translate the measurements into a ring size. 
  •  Make Use of Ring And Scale/Ruler-  A ring that is worn daily can also be used to measure the ring size. You can keep that ring on the ruler and measure the inside edge to the opposite edge diameter in millimeters. This way, you can get the appropriate ring size. 


  • Make The use of a stencil-  The Stencil is a thin sheet made up of cardboard, paper, or plastic that has different sizes of holes in it. Each hole in the stencil is given an appropriate number. You will find varied types of stencils online. They are very easy to use if you have a reference ring to get an accurate size. Just place the ring on the spot that fits the ring and you can get the appropriate ring number. Even if you don’t have a ring, use the string as mentioned above and lay the string on the stencil to get the accurate number.  

Tips While Taking The Measurement

  1. Measure the correct hand’s ring finger.
  2. Make sure the person is hydrated.
  3. The person should be warm while taking the measurement.
  4. Also, check the shape and width of the finger. Measure several times for a few days to get accurate results.
  5. When giving ring as a gift, always choose a size bigger so that it can be adjusted to a smaller size. It can’t be done vice versa.