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Computer Cleaner – Tune-Up Your Computers!

A computer cleaner is needed when you notice a significant delay in booting up, the applications take a lot of time to launch, windows keep on showing errors, and the computer freezes from time to time. It is also needed when your computer gets attacked by any virus. 

What a virus does to a computer – 

A virus is basically a malicious program than can replicate and insert itself on various computer files. It has its own code and is very fast once it is executed. If it can successfully infect the files, it can have different effects, depending upon what kind of virus it is. it can make your files corrupt or it can cause a hard disk failure. Both can cause serious harm. A computer cleaner comes in handy during these times.

How to know you have a virus – 

  1. Slowing down of the device - The first sign of a virus is the slowing of your device. It affects your computer's speed a lot. 
  2. Pop-up windows – a lot of dialogue boxes appear on the screen making it impossible to understand what is happening.
  3. The programs get started on their own – background programs run without the user's knowledge making the computer heat up very fast. 
  4. Accounts present in the computer get logged out – logging out of accounts is a serious problem faced by a user that happens without their consent on their virus-infected device. 
  5. The device may stop working – the computer can crash if the virus is highly powerful. This is the worst possible incident that may happen. 

How a computer cleaner can help you if you get a virus - 

A computer cleaner is also a program. It's coded in such a way that it prevents the virus from doing any harm to your computer. Normally we get the virus from visiting different unprotected websites. Sometimes they are also sent to us via our emails or we can get a pop-up while surfing the net. It's nearly impossible for a user to actually know which click actually led the virus to their computer. 

A computer cleaner can detect these viruses and remove them. They can even warn you while you are visiting a website by opening up a dialogue box and saying that website may contain threats. This will help you know when you are visiting a website whether it is safe or not.

How to get a computer cleaner? 

In most cases, the operating system is loaded with a computer cleaner from the very start. However, they are not always that strong. Many software companies actually sell these computer cleaners. They are readily available in CD forms or they are available online. If they are in CD form then all you need to do is run it and install the file.

Now if you want to get it online then all you need to do is purchase it, then download it. Normally the file is sent to you in your email from where you can download it. After downloading the procedure is pretty much the same as CDs.